Our Work

Year 3 have been writing lockdown poems this week. They reflected on all the things they were looking forward to once this is over.

Zayd is missing lots of things. He can’t wait to start enjoying the park and keeping busy!
Kaysaan has written a beautiful poem about how he will enjoy his time with his family and enjoy nature.
Akram can’t wait to see his friends.
Sumaya really reflected on her feelings- she can’t wait to see her friends and have fun.
Osman has been busy this week creating a storyboard for his own Spiderman comic. I can’t wait to hear about the adventures he goes on!
Osman, Year 3 Turner
Osman, Year 3 Turner
Osman, Year 3 Tuner
Zarah, Year 3 Turner
Excellent presentation and quality of definitions.
Zarah, Year 3 Turner
Well done. Good momery too.
Ibrahim, Year 3 Turner
You have brought back so many memories of my riding my back! Wonderful.
Ibrahim, Year 3 Turner
Excellent food journal!

It was Windrush Day on the 22nd June so we wrote some stories to celebrate and remember this important time in history.

Enaya, Year 3 Turner
Lovely use of different textures to create a beautiful atmosphere against the tough forest. Well done!
Sarrah, Year 3
Great maths work here!
Sarrah, Year 3 Turner
Maths homework – keeping it neat; keeping it accurate.
Sarrah, Year 3
Great information and tips for uncertain times.
Sarrah, Year 3
Sarrah, Year 3
Sarrah has made a lovely letter of gratitude for Anayah. Well done!
Sarrah, Year 3 Turner
Lovely observational drawings here from Sarrah. I love how you have tried to create texture by making different marks.
Osman has busy with his maths work this week. It is great to see you self-marking your work. Have you completed your maths home learning yet?
Fateha wanted to say hi and send us a picture of her art work. It is great to see she has tried so hard to show different tones and textures. Well done Fateha!
Fateha has been answering questions about Wangari Maathai this week for her PSHE homework on role models. Fateha’s role models are her parents because they both work so hard. Who are your role models?
Safwan, Year 3 Turner
Lovely drawing. A nice view from Safwan’s window. Good colours and I can see you are trying to use perspective and 3D forms.
Osman, Year 3 Turner
Such a lovely collection of work! Well done Osman.
Ibrahim has worked really hard on his sketch of Big Ben. Well done Ibrahim. Year 3 Turner
Ibrahim, Year 3 Turner
Ibrahim, Year 3 Turner
Ibrahim, Year 3 Turner
Ibrahim K, Year 3 Turner
Lovely organisation.
Ibrahim K, Year 3
I wonder who could answer these questions?
Ibrahim, Year 3 Turner
Lovely letter of gratitude.
Nusaybah went bird watching this week as part of her outdoor learning activity. Unfortunately something very unusual and upsetting happened. Nusaybah decided to write about this experience and give us a lovely example of showing kindness and respect. Thank you Nusaybah!
Hibah has been busy solving some word problems this week. She has used the formal written method to add. What method do you prefer when you are adding numbers?
Hibah has been busy learning her spellings this week. She found the meaning of the words and she highlighted the prefix super and sub to help her learn the spelling rule. Great technique!
Zarah has answered her comprehension questions from last’s week homework. In question 8 she compares the difference in education for boys and girls during Victorian times. Do you think these differences are fair? How would you feel if education was different for boys and girls today?
Zarah did her maths homework. What do you spot about her estimations and measurements? I noticed that her first estimation was very far from the actual measurement but as she looked at other examples her estimations were more accurate. Well done Zarah youe estimations are getting better! Keep estimating and measuring items around the house.
Ibrahim T wrote a very reflective and thoughtful lockdown letter. He told us about the challenges of lockdown but also gave us insight in to happy moments. Can you relate to Ibrahim’s experience?
Isha, Turner
As you know I love art, Isha. This painting of yours I particularly like because it reminds me of my favourite artist – Joseph Turner. You can see what I mean if you search for him on Google. I think me, you and Turner just loves sunsets!
Isha, Turner
What a lovely colourful recipe. I might actually try and make these and see how they taste.
Sarrah, Turner
A very heartfelt letter, filled with emotion. You made me almost cry as I read this because you reminded me of all the things I miss too. It is good to see that you are thinking about some positive things, like communicating in different ways and also you get to see you dad more! I really like your structure. You have subheadings, paragraphs and, as always, a beautiful presentation.
Sarrah, Turner
What a lovely recipe! I loved your ingredients, particularly: “1 tbs of challenges”, “1L of listening”, and “A dash of secrets”. I thought those were funny and wise. Your method was also good. Try to add numbers on each new instruction and I wonder if you could add some more interesting verbs, like: crush, peel, sprinkle, roll. And even better, some more adverbs, like: slowly, cautiously, quietly.
Sarrah, Turner
A lovely summary of Florence Nightingale. Firstly, I am really impressed with your handwriting: you have kept it neat and clear, and also joined most of your words. Lovely use of inverted commas and punctuation. I also enjoy the chronology of your information: it goes in a logical order. I like how you threw a list in there and used some very nice vocabulary.
Zarah has been finding different ways of finding the number 256. She has used subtraction and addition to come up with a range of equations that equal 256.
This week everyone read the book Digiduckโ€™s Big Decision. Read it here if you haven’t already. What did you learn about e-safety whilst reading it?
Zarah wrote a recipe for friendship this week as part of her PSHE homework. Have a look at her ingredients, do you think she has missed anything? What did you put in your recipe?
Hibah has been busy practicing her timetables and comparing numbers using the greater than and less than symbol. Remember to practice your timetables everyday. Give yourself a quiz, play a game with a family member or a try an online game such as Hit the Button. Click here to have a go!
Hibah has been busy solving some Maths problems and has had an adult check over her answers. She had a very successful day. Don’t forget to self assess or ask an adult to check over your work. Well done Hibah.
Hibah has been practicing her spellings and has found the definition of each word using a dictionary.
Safwan, Turner
Nice letter Safwan. I like your lists and emotional language. I like how you gave us a question at the end.
Don’t forget to join your letters.
Isha, Turner
Excellent work. Another pencil holder. This time is has a lovely range of colours and some very interesting font choices. A lot of thought went into this.
Sarrah, Turner
I did painting at university for four years, so to see Sarrah complete this sunset makes me very happy. I really like the different textures and colours. It makes a perfect setting for a sun. Well done.
Isha, Turner
Isha! Never stop being creative. This pencil pot design is magnificent and creative. It is recycled and great for the earth. Not to mention colourful and very practical. Keep it up!
Sarrah, Turner
Again, a lovely range of activities here from Sarrah. I love the maths tasks you did – great you used a ruler and the grid looks very neat. Very emotional and happy diary entry as well. Good to stay positive.
Sarrah, Turner
This probably has to be one of the best family trees I have ever seen – seriously. I love the colour coding and the fruit/leaf symbols to represent different genders. Really interesting. The conversation would have been wonderful to discover all this. Well done!
Zarah, Turner
Well done Zarah. Such a range of topics covered here. Your writing has a very thoughtful feel to it. You really care about what you are writing. Keep up the good handwriting and don’t forget to join your letters.
Here we have some lovely Eid card being made by Ibrahim K (Turner) and his sister. How absolutely wonderful.
Fireworks in a Jar. Atifa and her family had lots of fun experimenting with oil, water and food colouring. To find out more about what she did and to have a go yourself click here.
Laila completed this week’s reading task. She has thought of some interesting questions- questions that I had been thinking too! I wonder if you can explain why this story reminded you of these different fairy tales?
Atifa completed her reading homework this week. She thinks Into The Forest reminds her of Little Red Riding Hood. Do you agree? Can you explain why?
Amaanah has been creative in the kitchen this week and has been learning to bake a cake. Here she is working on her decorating skills.
Amaanah created a beautiful poster celebrating Earth Day this year. Find out more about Earth Day here.
Amaanah created a very unusual family tree using her favourite sweets! Delicious.
What a great character description of your robot Laila. I like how you chose to make your robot funny and I’m very impressed with how you have varied your sentence openers.
Laila wrote a lovely short story this week inspired by Anthony Browne. I love her use of descriptive vocabulary and how she has built tension. Well done Laila
Ibrahim H has been working on his robot description this week. I found it so interesting that his robot has no character traits- he just does what he is told. Have you described your robot? Does it have a personality?
What a fantastic description of a robot Atifa. Could you give us examples of your robot being kind and helpful?
Ibrahim T, Turner
What a lovely diary entry. I like the emotional impact of the first sentence – it caught my attention. You also have a lovely range of openers, just don’t forget the commas. It is good that you also used capital letters for your Proper Nouns.
Sarrah, Turner
Really good use of new line, new speaker.
Lovely verbs: gobbled
Good use of the magic 3: finished her food, ran to the barthroom, and brushed her teeth.
And your punctuation is very spot on. Very nice ๐Ÿ™‚

What a lovely story with so much adventure. I wonder if you could now drop a comic strip for this and have illustrations to show the story?
Sarrah, Turner
What a lovely range of ‘said’ words: called, replied, yelled, cried, questioned, screamed, ect…
I really like the verb “approached the park”.
The suspense in the third paragraph really scared me. I would hate for someone to tap me on the shoulder only to find it was no one!
And what a terrifying ending. I don’t think I can read the next part.
Sarrah, Turner
Great little biography here. I really enjoyed reading it.
I particularly liked the colon to make the list of friends and also the amount of lovely openers with commas at the end. Remember in the second list, to keep the is to an are as it is plural.
Sarrah, Turner
Great story. I love the colour changes – it is like the rainbow. Good handwriting.
Sarrah, Turner
Can you do the inverse and use subtraction and more division. Maybe even show the fact families:
2 x 8 = 16
8 x 2 = 16
16 รท 8 = 2
16 รท 2 = 8
Sarrah, Turner
Good addition and subtraction here. I wonder if you can do it going over the pound mark, so: 80p + 35p =
You can show this using a number line if it helps you.
Sarrah, Turner
Really good summary. I especially liked the use of prefixes (uncaring), noun phrases (boring old granny) and openers (In the middle of the story,). Remember your apostrophes (Shes a robber -> She’s).
Sarrah, Turner
I like seeing how somethings are floating and not.
Sarrah, Turner
OMG! This looks soooo good. I would have loved to of seen the final product.
Sarrah, Turner
I like how you have explained every step of the way: “Now, I will add…”. This helps me to see your thinking. Also, doing Maths on lined paper like this is hard, so good job on trying to be neat, however always use a ruler ๐Ÿ™‚
Nusaybah, Turner. I really liked how you have edited your work. I can also see the use of capital letters a lot now.
Careful not to add capital letters in the middle of the sentence. In the second line, you have written “see Them.” And also watch some spelling mistakes: sleeping.
Nusaybah, Turner
Lovely Science work Nusaybah. Very very impressed. I like how it is also marked. But don’t forget your capital letters! ๐Ÿ™‚
Nusaybah, Turner class

Well done! I love this toaster shape poem.

Friday 24th April 2020

Mohammed thank you for sending in your maths homework. He is has been estimating the length of the different rooms in his house! I wonder if you have a measuring tape at home to check if your estimations were accurate?

Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Raheemah has been learning how to make tea and wrote a set of instructions. Great use of time adverbials! Can you follow her instructions to make your first cup of tea? Remember to ask an adult to help you.

Safwan has been practising his spelling and focussing on his reading tasks today.

Here is a picture based on a setting description in ‘Agent Jack Stalwart’ by Elizabeth Slinger-Hunt.

Easter Fun!

Atifa has been busy making pancakes for the whole family. Absolutely delicious. Have you been cooking at home?

Friday 3rd April 2020

Atifa and her family had lots of fun during their science lesson this week. Have you tried the dancing raisins experiment yet?

This is amazing Nusaybah! I am really impressed by the detailed story writing (and the green pen work editing too). I like your commas for your list; the lovely paced introduction and build-up; the surprise ending at the end; and, of course, the amount of dialogue. I wonder if you could try and add speech marks next time?

I have enjoyed your questions for our reading task too. I wonder if others can answer them?

Thursday 2nd April 2020

Look at Atifa’s great maths work. It is lovely to see you practising your times tables!

Thanks for the diary entry Mohammed. It sounds like a busy day. Great use of time adverbials at the start of your sentences!