Home Learning- Week beginning 18-05-20

Hello year 3! We hope you are well and keeping safe. This week we have got a range of exciting tasks to keep you busy. Remember that we would to see your work so ask an adult to send in what you have done to year3@thomasbuxtonps.co.uk.

London History Day

London History Day is celebrated on 31st May every year. The date marks the anniversary of the day Big Ben first started keeping time in 1859. To find out more about it click here. We want you to take some time this week to celebrate fellow Londoners. Many people from London have have had a significant impact on the world. Read about some of their amazing achievements here.

Your task: Choose an Iconic Londoner, then research their achievements, think about why they are considered important then think about what YOU going to do to change the world. Write a short paragraph explaining what you will do.

Reading Tasks

Listen to this reading of Into the Forest by Anthony Browne. Respond to the story by completing a Tell Me grid.

Here are some fun reading challenges. Choose as many as you like to do over the next couple of weeks. Send us a picture of you completing one of the challenges and try to create your own reading challenge. Comment below so others can have a go too.

Writing task

Some children’s authors have written ‘Lockdown Letters’. These are letters about their experiences, thoughts and feelings about being in lockdown. Read the 2 example letters and then write your own version. Can you write a letter to a friend, relative or a neighbour? Perhaps you want to write a letter back to one of the authors or your teacher? You can read more lockdown letters here. When writing your letter think about these questions:

  • Describe your experience of being in lockdown.
  • What things do you find strange?
  • What do you miss about normal life?
  • What things will you remember about this time?
  • What will you do first when this is over?

This letter was written by Hilary Mckay. Find out more about Hilary Mckay here. Have you read any of her books?

This letter was written by the author Satoshi Kitamura who wrote Stone Age Boy- we read this at the beginning of year 3. Listen to the story again here.

Spelling Task

This week’s spelling rule are the suffixes -tion, -sion and -cian. Use the Collins online dictionary to check the meaning of each word. Copy out the definition of each word and then write a sentence using one.

Use the Look, Cover, Write, Check strategy to help you learn each spelling. Ask an adult to test you once you’re super confident!

  1. Invention
  2. Injection
  3. Action
  4. Hesitation
  5. Expression
  6. Discussion
  7. Confession
  8. Comprehension
  9. Musician
  10. Electrician
  11. Mathematician
  12. Magician

Maths Task

Do you remember these angles?

Your Task:
1. Choose a spot in your house – your room, the kitchen, bathroom, living area.
2. Estimate how many of each angle you will find.
3. Discover and record the angles in that room.
4. Create a BAR CHART that demonstrates your findings.
5. Take a photo and send it to us.

1. Write your name with straight letters (use google to help you)
2. Find all the angles you can.
3. Take a photo and send it to us.

Science Task


The Science Behind It:

Food coloring dissolves in water but not in oil. Because the oil is less dense than the water, it will float at the top. The colored droplets will begin to sink because they are heavier than the oil. Once they sink into the water, they will begin dissolving into the water (which looks like a tiny explosion).

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      Hi Mohammed. It’s half-term so we have no new homework this week. Have a look at the London History Day blog post for some activities to keep you busy.


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