Monthly Archives: July 2019

Interfaith week

During Interfaith week, Year 3 enjoyed exploring other faiths an incredible amount. The week began with a discussion about what a community is. Did you know we belong to many different types of communities? Here are some of our examples: Tower Hamlets, after school clubs, our classroom, religious communities, and even our own families.


After we reminded ourselves about the communities we could belong to, we heard talks from a Priest, Rabbi and an Imam about their faith. We became interested in the Jewish community and did some pre-learning because the next day we were going to visit a real synagogue! Did you know that Judaism came before Christianity and Islam?


At the synagogue we met a man who owned the building for decades. He told us many facts and showed us objects the Jewish people use in their ceremonies. We saw the Ark, Sefer Torah scrolls, used a Yad to read the Torah, and stood in the Bimah. Mr Rebelo even tried on a Tallit.


As the week carried on, we went to other serious topics. We discussed the difference between right and wrong as well as thinking about where we learnt about such ideas. We concluded that religious texts, parents, teachers, and the law are the people who help us decide. We even did some role-play about what right and wrong could look like.


The week ended with a lovely visit from Willow. Willow was a 19 year old atheist (a person who does not have any religious beliefs). She explained to us that her search for what was right and wrong was just as important to religious people as it was to hers. She really helped us understand her perspective because of that, we now can include more people in our community.


Interfaith week was a great way to explore many different religious perspectives.

We can’t wait for next year.