Monthly Archives: November 2018

Year 3 Rocks!

This week in Science, year 3 have been learning all about rocks.


We started off by working on our classifying and sorting skills and looking at the properties of various types of rock. We used lots of descriptive language to describe the rocks such as smooth, rough, sharp, dusty and grainy. ​We also thought about different ways that we can sort them, like into colours or texture.


Then we worked on our prediction, observation and testing skills by carrying out an enquiry into which rocks are permeable (this means that it absorbs water!). We had some fascinating findings and decided that chalk was our most permeable rock and that slate was impermeable. 


Have a look below at some images of us during our experiment!


What do you think? Are there any rocks that you think will be permeable? Test them out at home!



Year 3 game designers

This week Year 3 have been working as games designers.

First, we played the classic game Whack-a-mole.

The children then came up with their own ideas for a game.

They designed a background and inserted different sprites to make their own version.

Next, we wrote algorithms to make the sprites pop up on the screen to look like they are jumping out of a hole.

We noticed at first that all of the sprites were appearing at the same time so we had to debug our code.

Can you spot how we have changed the code for different sprites? What effect will this have on the game?

Then we used paper to plan what the input and output for our games would be before we added variables so that the user could score points.


How would you change the game to make it your own?