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Singing celebration

Malaysia class have had a great week learning a new song which they’re excited to sing with the rest of the school.

It’s called ‘Rise up’ by Andra Day and we were inspired to learn it after the school ambassadors and eco committee heard it at WE day.

Have a listen to it here because everyone in the school will be learning this inspiring song! Here’s the link:

Enjoy learning the song in class!

Are there good and bad lies?

Year 3 have been thinking about honesty this week and will be discussing the question ‘are there good and bad lies?’

We have been looking at different scenarios and whether they are ‘good’ or ‘bad’ lies.

Here are some examples below. What do you think, are they okay? Is it ever okay to lie?

  • The powerful queen –A powerful queen asks you: “Who is the fairest of them all.” If you tell her the truth – that she is really ugly – she might chop off your head. You tell her she is the fairest in the land.
  • The broken toy – You borrow your friend’s toy without asking. When you break it by accident, you put it back without saying anything.
  • The capital of Australia – Your friend asks you what is the capital of Australia. You tell him/her that Sydney is the capital of Australia (genuinely believing this is true.) Later on you discover that you were wrong and that Canberra is the capital of Australia.
  • ‘He’s not in’ – A neighbour who your parents don’t like very much comes to the door and asks to see your dad. Your dad tells you to tell the neighbour he’s not at home. You tell them your dad isn’t in.

Let us know your thoughts! Have you got any instances where you think it’s okay to lie?

Was Manyara happy?

Year 3’s P4C stimulus this week was our English whole school text ‘Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters’. Over the course of the story, Nyasha is mistreated by her sister Manyara. We considered whether the character’s respected the rights in the UNCRC charter, for example, a right to be heard (when Manyara ignores the people she meets on her journey). From this discussion we formulated a question which was ‘Was Manyara happy?’

We had some great discussions about what we need to make us happy including why different things make different people happy.

We found that as a class, the thing that makes us the happiest is laughter, whereas we didn’t feel like we needed cars to ensure that we’re happy.

Take a look at our order below.

Do you agree?

Is there anything you would change or swap?


Malaysia class – Zones of Regulation

In preparation for Autism Awareness week, Malaysia class have been learning how to identify and manage our emotions using the Zones of Regulation.

Our assembly, ‘Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds’, not only focused on the importance of looking after our bodies by keeping active, but also the importance of taking care of our emotions.

We discussed how it is okay to feel different every day and that, if we are ever feeling down, we can always talk to an adult or a friend to make ourselves feel better.

Can you use the Zones of Regulation to spot how you might be feeling today?

If you are feeling angry, extremely upset or frightened, you are in the red zone.
If you are feeling excited, anxious or giggly, you are in the yellow zone.
If you are feeling calm and ready-to go, you are in the green zone and are ready to learn!
If you are feeling sad, tired or sick, you are in the blue zone.

We used our traffic light poster to help us decide what to do if we are in the red, yellow or blue zone so we can get back into the green zone, ready to learn!

After that, we played a fun game of twister (the Zones of Regulation version!) where we discussed the different zone and a strategy we could use to help us control how we are feeling.