Monthly Archives: January 2018

Year 3’s P4C question – Why should we learn about the past?

Over the next few weeks, year 3 will be using our history and geography topic ‘The Ancient Egyptians’ as a stimulus during P4C.

We’ll be discussing the question ‘Why should we learn about the past?’

So what do you think?

Why should we learn about the past? Is it important? Can you link it to your own topic that you’re discussing in class?

Try using our sentence starters to have discussions with friends and family outside of school.

  • Do you have any ideas?
  • I notice that…
  • I disagree with… because…

Leave us a comment to let us know what you think!

Malaysia Class’ Song of the Week – ‘Have You Ever, Ever?’

Malaysia class have been working on the song ‘Have you ever, ever?’ this week in class. We’ve been focussing particularly on pitch matching and have really enjoyed singing ‘off we go’ in our chosen pitch and hearing the rest of the class matching this.

We’re also able to read and notate rhythm phrases and have applied this knowledge to our new song. Have a look below to see our work below.

Has your class learnt a new song this week? Comment below! We’d love to know if you’ve sung this song before!