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Children around the world: research links

Year 3 are learning about the lives of other children around the world. In particular, how well rights are being protected in other parts of the world.


Year 3 will be comparing their own lives to those of other children in relation to how well education is provided.

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Here are some other useful links which tell you some interesting facts about children and education around the world:

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Schools Around the World

Year 3 are celebrating different cultures by learning about children all over the world.

They will be investigating the similarities and differences between themselves and children in other countries.

Year 3 will be comparing their own lives to those of children all over the world, looking at the way we learn and play.

Click on the image below to see an interesting Infographic which focuses on schools. The information compares primary school children all over the globe:


You can see that children in the United Kingdom spend a lot of their time at school – 6.5 hours – but not as much as children in China who start at 7am and spend 9 hours in school!

What other information from you gather from that webpage?

We Are Opinion Pollsters: vote in our poll to share your views

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Here are some other useful links which uncover fascinating facts about schools around the world:

In the comments, share some interesting information you have found in the links. Or share some other facts you have discovered elsewhere!

Year 3 are opinion pollsters – vote in our Euro 2016 poll!

This term, Year 3 will be creating and conducting their own opinion polls, asking the whole school for responses and then analysing the data.


Everyone has an opinion about something and has the right for their voice to be heard. As a rights respecting school, we encourage this belief. An opinion poll is a fair way to give everyone a chance to have their say.

Year 3 will be raising different issues over the next few weeks and asking for your vote. The question may ask:

  • Should children have more playtime during the day?


  • Should children do more homework?



Opinion polls are used to find out what people think about a subject. For example, who do you think will win the European Championship this summer?

  • England
  • France
  • Spain
  • Germany

If everyone votes, we can find out which is the most popular choice among these contenders! It’s important that everyone votes only once. This way, the vote is fair.


We will publish the results of our poll at the end of the week.