Monthly Archives: May 2016

Stop Motion Animations

Year 3 have created animations of plants growing using the app Stop Motion.

As part of our shared blogging unit with Year 5, we would like to invite the Ants and Caterpillars to reply with their some feedback. We would like to hear what you like about our animations and what we could improve.

In the comments section, leave replies and we will use your feedback to think about our next animation project.

We will be giving feedback to your Minecraft creations which are looking forward to seeing!

Tigers at Kew Gardens

Tigers enjoyed an exciting day at Kew Gardens today, where they were able to observe some plants and flowers in the beautiful sunshine.

DSC00974 DSC00918 DSC00925 DSC00959

We were welcomed to the gardens by the lovely staff who helped us look at the different kinds of plants and to observe the differences and similarities between them. We noticed all the plants had certain features, like stems, but only some had flowers!

We also collected interesting things from around the gardens, being sure not to pick any of the plants…

DSC00944 DSC00945 DSC00946 DSC00947

…or disturb any of the animals, particularly the goslings and their protective mothers!

DSC00975 DSC00977 DSC00978 DSC00966

We visited the Palm House, which was hot to recreate the rainforest environment, and the Princess Of Wales Conservatory, which contained lots of cacti of all shapes and sizes – some even had flowers!

DSC00954 DSC00960 DSC00964 DSC00965

Thank you for reading. Please reply if you have any questions about our visit.

As we are blogging with Year 5 this term, we would also like to invite the Ants and Caterpillars to respond and share some of their knowledge of tropical rainforests! We know you have been learning about them!