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Building Bridges

Well done girls on your brilliant bridge building. Very resourceful of you to use newspaper so effectively and you all showed excellent teamwork and good communication skills. Congratulations!

photo (1)

Have an amazing summer Year 3! Enjoy the sunshine.

Mr Neville

Can YOU haiku?


One of the Jacqueline Wilson books we discovered at the Museum of Childhood was The Suitcase Kid.  The main character, Andy, loves to write haikus and we wriote some in Literacy too.

Can you write a new one and add it to the blog by leaving a reply to this post?

Remember, a traditional haiku has 3 lines.  The 1st line has 5 syllables, the 2nd has 7 and the 3rd has 5.  Here is an example by Araf and Nahin.  Can you double check their syllables?

Araf and Nahin

We both love playing football

And eating pizza

Mr P

Incredible Instructions!

Hi Year 3,

Can you reply to this post and tell everyone what a good instruction text needs.  For example, what should the introduction include?  How should we structure the text?  What language should we use in each step?

Here are the paper plane instructions we used today.  Can you make one at home (after finishing your Maths Whizz and Bugclub)? What made them so easy to use?

Mr P

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