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Discussion Text


Year 3 have been working on discussion texts in literacy. They looked at various examples of discussion texts including some helpful examples from year 6 which helped them to write their own. One of the statements they explored was, Break times should be longer.

I have posted an example written by Amina whose writing is really improving and she made a real effort with her discussion text.

I’d love to hear what you think about whether playtimes should or shouldn’t be longer?

Mrs Shrubsall

Break times should be longer

Some people believe that break times should be shorter because some people don’t have any friends to play with. Other people might feel cold during break times therefore want playtimes to be short.

Alternatively some people think that break times should be longer because if it was shorter children wouldn’t have enough time to play in the playground. Also if playtime were longer children wouldn’t do well in tests. Additionally children might fall down.

However break times are good for fresh air and exercise. If break time was longer children would have more time to chat and would have more time to eat their snacks from the healthy tuck shop.

On the other hand people think that it should not be long because if children had a longer play they would have a shorter time to learn.

Although some good points have been made against break times staying the same, in my opinion I think they should be longer, because there would be more time to set up the healthy tuck shop.

By Amina

Ants Class Science Fiction Stories

320px-Toy_robot.JPG 320×240 pixels

Year 3 have been working on Science Fiction stories about two robots called Nita and Robert and their   amazing day out. Here are examples from Aisha and Yamin in Ants class.  I hope you will enjoy reading their stories as much as I have.

Mrs Shrubsall

 Yamin’s Story

Nita and Robert’s Science Fiction Story

 Robert and Nita were not just fed up they were pulling their hair out. They were sick and tired of cleaning filthy rooms all day every day.

“I am furious about Callum’s messy ways!” I am disgusted by him!” Robert shouted angrily.

“Me too when was the last time we’ve had a holiday?” Nita asked with a fiery look in her eyes.

They needed a change and a day out was just the thing. Nita knew where humans went for day trips but she didn’t tell Robert because she knew Robert would ask dozens of questions. After lots of preparation they were ready to go. They chose two places, the computer shop (chosen by Robert) and the beach (chosen by Nita.)

They both walked to the computer shop. Nita was updating here megabytes and Robert was just playing games. Suddenly Robert saw a red flashing button and pressed it but it caused a virus so they had to leave.

“These computers cost a fortune! You have to pay for these,” exclaimed the Manager.

“We don’t have any money,” answered Nita

“Then get OUT!” yelled the Manager.

Robert was disappointed because he was looking forward to playing games all day.

“Don’t worry, we can go to the beach instead” said Nita disheartened.

When they arrived at beach, without hesitation Robert went for a swim but came out because it was too cold. So he lay on the sand and fell asleep. When he woke up he was all rusty and couldn’t move so he jumped about. He panicked and left with Nita.

While they were walking, one of Roberts’s screws came off and fell on the road. Instantly a rubbish truck came and got a flat tyre because of the screw and crashed, and all of the rubbish came out.

“What am I going to do?” asked the driver tensely.

“We can help,” offered Robert

The driver said yes and they got stuck in and the driver gave Robert some oil so Robert could move. When they finished they realised that they loved cleaning.

The End

 Aisha’s Science Fiction Story

As the days past by Nita and Robert became more and more discontented from cleaning Callum and Shannon’s rooms. One day Nita had an idea! Next time when they met Nita explained the plan. After a day or two they were prepared and ready. But first Shannon and Callum needed to go to school.

As soon as they were out of sight, as quick as the blink of an eye Robert and Nita scampered off to meet each other at the park. Once they met each other at the park they were filled with emotion, they were extremely happy. Finally their adventure began…

 Robert had chosen the zoo as their first place to visit. Sadly the zoo was a disaster! The big elephants wet them by squirting water all over Robert and Nita. Sparks lit up to the sky and they started buzzing!

Afterwards Nita decided to go to the shopping centre.” I love going shopping.” Nita exclaimed. They went to the shopping centre. As they were going Nita said ” I am going to buy cleaning liquid but when they went inside all the metal things got stuck to them. Nita and Robert crouched down but the metal still became stuck on them. The manager came rushing through and helped the robots. Then he told them to leave, so they left.

Robert felt dejected because they didn’t have a fun day out. Also Nita felt dejected “ I feel so upset.” Nita said.

After a few minutes Nita realised they were lost, because they were lost they walked for so long they started limping. As they were limping forward they spotted a woman emptying her bins but there was a hole in her bag. Without realising she went into her house. Then Nita said ” I have an idea lets help tidy up the rubbish.” Yeah,” said Robert.

Then they rang the doorbell and Robert asked, ”Do you know where Cane Street is?” “Yes of course,” said the woman. She gave them directions. As they left Nita turned to Robert and said, “I loved tidying and I am happy, everything is back to normal.

The End


Purim-pressive performance!


Wow Caterpillars. You really came together and put on a great show today. I’m very proud of you and you should be proud of yourselves.  Lovely, loud and clear voices. I hope people enjoyed it and learnt something!

What adjectives would you use to describe Esther?

Mr P

Ehsan’s Excellent Openers


Year 3,

You MUST read Ehsan’s fantastic piece of writing about Lewis Clarke’s record breaking adventure to the South Pole!

While I was starting to trek, I felt really worried because I thought I would get lost.  I didn’t because I had a compass.  

I felt exhausted and excited when I was nearly there!  Because my feet were getting tired, I always had to rest and eat mushy, disgusting spaghetti bolognese. Every night I had to set a tent and sleeping bag up.  All of this was in a bag which I had to drag on a sledge.  On the coldest day, I wore a special coat called a down coat and when the sun was out on hot days, I wore sunglasses. I obviously needed a map to help me travel.

When I  got there I was relieved and had a cold because it was freezing! I reached the South Pole after a 48 day journey.  Me and my partner named Carl raised £3500 for charity.  I actually travelled 700 miles across Antarctica by trekking.  If I wore the down coat and sunglasses on the hottest days I would be sweating.

As I got home, I was so tired that I ran to bed and slept for hours.  

How many different openers did you spot? What else does Ehsan do well?

Mr P

Purim Performance!



Next Thursday (March 13th) is our assembly about Purim.  Keep rehearsing your lines and actions at home and watch this video again for inspiration!

Get to know the whole script in case someone is ill on the day!

What do we need to remember when we perform on stage, in front of the whole school?

Mr P