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Incredible instructions!


Hi Year 3,

Use these websites so you can remember each step in creating a mummy. It’ll help you write your incredible mummification instructions this week!

Or try this one…

But why did the ancient Egyptians mummify their Pharaoh’s after they died?

Mr P



Incredible inverse!

Fact Family - Multiplication + Division

Use your inverse knowledge with these websites Year 3.

Make a fact family here…

Then play ‘Hit the Button’ but choose ‘Division Facts’ instead of ‘Times Tables’.  You can still use your table facts to find the correct answers.

And why not play our ‘Target Table Tennis’ game with someone at home? What are your target tables?

Mr P

Addition Magicians!


Great addition work this week year 3.

Go to this link at home to keep practising.

Grab some paper and a pencil and try the sum before you check the workings and answer.

Did you get it right?

Mr P

P.S. Reply to this post and tell us your favourite mental strategies for quick mental addition. Do you love breaking smaller numbers into chunks? What about finding the bonds to 10 or 20 first? Are you an expert at the adding 9 trick?




Happy new year Year 3!

I hope you’ve enjoyed your holiday and that you’ve enjoyed the homework tasks you were given!

Remember, you have one more day before you come back to school on Tuesday.

Who will become the Christmas holiday Maths Whizz Wizard and take home the special certificate?

Mr P