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This is the part of the Year 2 blog where you can find all of the fantastic work that you have been doing at home. Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this page.

Friday 10th July

Sazid has written a fantastic poem about what he wants to be when he grows up! Have a read and have a go at writing your own!

Sazid has also sent in his response to the P4C question! Do you agree with Sazid?

Well done to Amelia for sending in all her learning about the World of Work!

Thursday 2nd July

Thank you Amelia for sending in your life cycle of a sunflower and chicken!

Thank you to Aaishah for sharing your reflection on the Black Lives Matter movement.

Yahyaa completed the reading task and has been practising his spellings.

Thursday 25th June

Samarah has written a fantastic story about a trip to the beach.


Sazid answered the questions to the PSHE lesson and drew a life cycle of a tree. He also did some fantastic maths work on time and has been practicing his spellings.

Aila has been using a clock to help her with her maths work.

Here is Hamza’s timeline of the Victorian era. He also wrote a great plan for a story.

Zeeshan has done some fantastic drawings for his maths work and science and has started his plant diary, as well as thinking deeply about the P4C question.

Raihan has done his maths work. I like his neat clock drawings.


Thursday 18th June

Amelia has created a colourful picture with everything she knows about plants!

Zeeshan has created his Victorian timeline.

Read Amelia’s fantastic beach story set in the Victorian times. Great expanded noun phrases to describe, connectives to extend your sentences and different sentence starters – well done Amelia! I love the secret mermaid.

Hamza has also been doing lots of writing. Here are his diary entries as a school child living in Victorian times and as a person on VE day. He compared school life from Victorian times to now to help him with his writing. I also like the way he has laid out his Amelia Earhart fact file.

Aaishah has been answering the reading comprehension questions.

Thursday 11th June

Omar did his own research about Queen Victoria and the things she did to make Britain a better place. Well done for the excellent presentation, handwriting and drawings Omar!

Tamzid has been writing about his daily routine. It is great to see him starting sentences with time connectives (then, sometimes, in the evening) and using ‘and’ to extend his sentences. Good work on your handwriting Tamzid.

Amelia has been busy making a timeline of some of the important things that happened during the Victorian times. She has also compared seaside holidays then and now.

I love the way Amelia has used a storyboard and drawings to help her plan her story!

Aaishah has decided to do a timeline of historical events she has studied.

I like the way Aaishah is using her spelling practice as an opportunity to use her best handwriting. Your handwriting has really improved Aaishah – well done.

Zeeshan has written a fantastic story about a day at the seaside. I love the way he has planned each section of the story first using bullet points. Well done for using an exclamation to add excitement. This sentence is fantastic, Zeeshan used the conjunction ‘with’ to add more detail:

‘Jack made a tiny sandcastle with seashells, rocks and sea weed.’

Raihan has also written an excellent story with adjectives to describe, feelings, exclamations and adverbs (suddenly, sadly, finally) and what a great ending!


Raihan and Zeeshan also compared seaside holidays then and now to help them with their writing.

Here is Raihan’s response to the P4C question. Do you agree with him? Zeeshan has also responded on the P4C blog page. Read his response and type your own underneath.


Friday 5th June 2020

Amelia has done a great job at comparing schools in the Victorian times and schools today.

Amelia has also been getting creative and showing her appreciation for the NHS.

Read Raihan’s poster to learn how to be smart on the internet.


Zeeshan has created a beautiful and thought-provoking poster for World Environment Day today. Find more activities to celebrate World Environment Day here.

Raihan has written a great diary entry as a child in Victorian times. Raihan has used connectives such as but, because and and and he has also included feelings.


Have a look at the different items that Raihan chose to measure at home. Well done for estimating the length of the slinky correctly!


Zeeshan has also written a fantastic diary entry as a child in Victorian times. He has included the conjunction ‘because’ and ended with a paragraph about his feelings.

Zeeshan has also carefully considered his answers to this week’s P4C question which you can find here.

Have a look at what Zeeshan has been measuring at home. Well done for estimating the length of the rubber correctly. You were also very close with your estimate of the length of the sharpener!

Friday 22nd May 2020

Tamzid has been writing about his ramadan timetable.

Aiyla and Amaya had a team work themed day. This is what they made together.

Zeeshan has written a wonderful recount of what Bob was doing on the moon from the perspective of a cheeky alien who even snuck onto Bob’ spaceship! He included the alien’s thoughts and feelings about Bob and I liked how he used the adverb ‘quickly’ to add excitement, and the time connective ‘after’ to start his sentences in different ways. Weel done Zeeshan!

Raihan and Zeeshan have been answering the philosophy questions about friendship.


Wednesday 19th May 2020

Aaishah has written a fantastic diary entry as the Man on the Moon. She has included his feelings and lots of expanded noun phrases and remembered to include the commas between the adjectives. She has also used a variety of sentence starters, connectives and exclamation sentences, as well as neat handwriting. Well done Aaishah!

Mihran has made some beautiful insects out of natural materials for his art work!

Mihran has presented his science learning clearly and with diagrams.

Monday 18th May 2020

Thank you to Amelia and Zain for sending in their fantastic diary entries as the Man on the Moon.

A detailed diary entry sent in my Aila!

Friday 15th May 2020

Mihran has written a fantastic biography of Amelia Earhart with subheadings and pictures. I love his neat handwriting.

I love the way Mihran has used lego to help him with his maths homework!

Mihran has also been completing his science homework in his best handwriting.

Mihran has also been creative with objects he has found at home and been doing some gardening!

Zeeshan has been busy writing his diary entries and answering the P4C questions. I love that he has also done his own learning about different religions.

Raihan has written a fantastic diary entry as the Man on the Moon. He has also been working on his maths and science but I won’t post them here as I don’t want to give away the answers!


Thursday 7th May 2020

Ceylin has been out doing some planting with her family and got distracted and fascinated by all the snails she could find! What different mini-beasts can you find in the park, your garden or your balcony?

Zeeshan has been doing his science learning using these online lessons. He has written a fact file of everything he has learnt, including diagrams.

Raihan has been busy learning all about VE Day. Raihan’s dairy entry includes how he was feeling, what he was thinking, what he did and even a description using his senses to describe! Well done Raihan! He has also completed the reading comprehension (but I won’t post his answers here!) and answered the P4C question: Do you think it was right for parents to send their children away? Do you agree with Raihan? You can answer the question here.


Aila has answered the P4C question: When and how often should people travel? Do you agree with Aila? You can answer the question here.

Hamza has been busy getting through all the the CGP and blog tasks! He has been enjoying spending time in his book corner reading lots of interesting and exciting stories. Hamza has also been learning to ride his bike without stabilisers! Well done!

Amelia has been busy learning about VE day! She has written a fantastic diary entry including lots of description! I love how Amelia has used tea bags to make her diary entry look historical!

Monday 4th May 2020

Aaishah has been busy making yummy Nutella cookies with only 3 ingredients!

Raihan has created an artwork inspired by Andy Goldsworthy following this online lesson. He also went on a texture hunt and created rubbings following this online lesson. Raihan has answered the question; ‘When and how should people travel?’

Zeeshan has written his biography of Amelia Earhart. Zeeshan has used a variety of sentence starters, connectives and has organised his writing into different paragraphs. I can also see that he has read through his work and edited it so that every sentence starts with a capital letter. Well done!

Friday 1st May 2020

Thank you to Amelia and Aila for sending in their fantastic biographies! Both pieces are clearly laid out! I love the illustrations too!

Amelia has been making tasty treats for her family to enjoy!

Aliyah has been busy perfecting her spelling! Keep it up Aliyah! She has also been getting creative! What do you think of her creation?

Wednesday 29th April 2020

Raihan has written a fantastic biography of Amelia Earhart. I like the sub-headings he has used and the ‘fun facts’ section. I also love the quote from Amelia!


Monday 27th April 2020

Zayan has written a clear explanation text about hot air balloons using connectives (because, when, and) to extend his sentences. I love the beautiful hot air balloon he has made!

Friday 24th April 2020

Beautiful Ramadan display made by Amelia. Ramadan Mubarak to all those taking part!

Thank you to Aila and Aliyah for sending in your fantastic explanation texts about how hot air balloons work! Well done for including all the relevant features!

Raihan has been busy exploring our theme ‘Up, Up and Away.’ He has chosen a parachute for his explanation text, which is beautifully and clearly laid out, he learnt how to make a kite and a paper airplane. Raihan has also done a great blurb for Fantastic Mr. Fox which really makes me want to read the story!


Thursday 23rd April 2020

Amelia has written a fantastic explanation text explaining how helicopters work. Very clear and informative! Amelia has done a great job at including all of the features stated in the success criteria!

Amelia has also written an excellent blurb for the story Matilda by Roald Dahl. She has remembered to include a rhetorical question and some fantastic illustrations to make it exciting for the reader. I love the train Amelia has made using recycled materials! How creative! Can you make something exciting at home using materials you no longer need?

Zeeshan has written a fantastic explanation text about air balloons, including all of the features and an illustration.

Huzaifa has been using toys to practice his fractions.

Raihan has written his response to our P4C question this week and has been taking notes while completing the online science lesson about light.

Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Laviba has been busy making some very yummy looking banana bread, has written another book review and has been completing her science work. I love the fact she put a chair in the bath!

It is fantastic to see Aaishah exploring how Christians celebrate Easter!

Tuesday 21st April 2020

Abduladheem has been busy making delicious biscuits! Abduladheem has also been enjoying reading in his cosy reading den with his sisters!

Lovely artwork sent in by Hamza showing his support for the NHS! Thank you for sharing Hamza!

Aliyah has made a boat using recycled materials! She even tested her boat in the bath tub to check if it floats!

Aila has been busy getting creative! She has used things she has found around the house to make a dress and handbag for her doll! What do you think of her design?

Aila has also drawn on her knowledge about healthy eating and created a menu. She has included lots of delicious, healthy meal ideas!

Monday 20th April 2020

We hope you have all had a wonderful Easter break. It is lovely for Ms Alom and I to return to work and see what you have been up to over Easter. Thank you to everyone who has sent in their work. Let’s see what you were busy doing…

Isra has been learning how to make yummy biscuits.

Laviba has shared her book review, Traction Man story and her science work on materials. I love the adjectives, adverb and exclamation in your Traction Man story Laviba and I loved the sounds the evil clock made as he moved!! Well done! Well done for using the words to describe the different materials in your science homework and well done on your handwriting and spelling. Great drawing of chip too.

Aaishah has written a great poem and poster about the Coronavirus and how to stay safe during this time. Thank you Aaishah.

Raihan has been busy over Easter. He responded to the question ‘Should all children have access to toys?’ I like your different sentence starters Raihan, especially; ‘I would like to add that…’ Raihan also completed the science experiment, learnt about the different food groups and created a delicious and healthy menu!


Zain has written a fun and exciting Traction Man story! Great use of punctuation Zain! He has also used recycled materials around the house to create his own character! How creative!

Aila has been busy making her own Traction Man mask! I love how Aila has chosen to use recycled materials to make something so creative!

A lovely, positive message from Aila!

Friday 3rd April 2020

Thank you to Amelia for sending in her healthy menu as part of her science learning. Which meal did you enjoy the most?

Aila has been busy recapping her fractions learning! Keep it up Aila!

Thank you Ceylin for sharing your book review of ‘I’m Not Sleepy.’

Zahra has shared her response to our P4C question ‘Can girls be superheroes?’ and Zeeshan has been thinking about everyday superheroes in our lives. Who is a superhero in your life? Do you think girls can be superheroes too?

Zeeshan, Zayan and Ayaan have been busy in the kitchen. Thank you for your great recipes. Why not use one of your classmates’ recipes over Easter to do some baking?

Thank you to Aliyah and Amelia for sending in your cooking instructions! Fantastic use of time connectives!

Thank you Amelia for sharing your response to our P4C question this week. Do you agree with Amelia? Let us know in the comments below.

Lovely painting from Amelia showing her support for the NHS!

Have you read the book Aila has read? If so, do you agree with her review? We would love you to share your opinions about the books you have been reading with your class. Email us at year2@thomasbuxtonps.co.uk

Thursday 2nd April 2020

We have had our first book reviews in! Have you read the books Raihan and Tiffany have read? If so, do you agree with their reviews? We would love you to share your opinions about the books you have been reading with your class. Email us at year2@thomasbuxtonps.co.uk.


Thank you Aliyah for your book review on ‘Summer the Holiday Fairy’. What do you think of Aliyah’s review? Do you think this could be a book you’d enjoy reading?

It is great to see that some of you have already been busy baking with your family!

Great use of time connectives and adverbs Riyaat!

Raihan’s cookies really do look cookie-licious! Great imperative verbs used to clearly explain how to make the cookies.


Wednesday 1st April 2020

Thank you to Zayan for sending in his fantastic Traction Man story. Zayan has introduced the character Traction Man well at the beginning and I love how he took ideas from the original story and changed them so Traction Man’s pet becomes a rocket, not a scrubbing brush.

Aaishah has been doing her own research about Magritte and showing her support for the NHS with her rainbow painting reminding people to stay home 🙂

And Tiffany has started writing her own story. How would you continue Tiffany’s story? You could write the next part in the comment of this blog post!

Tuesday 31st March 2020

Thank you Aila for being one of the first to send in your set of instructions!

Aila’s instructions are clear, precise and easy to follow! She has used time connectives perfectly, well done! Her banana cake looks absolutely delicious!

Ms Alom and Miss Price-Rees would love to read your cooking instructions, and other home learning, you have been doing. Email it over to us at year2@thomasbuxtonps.co.uk and you could see it here on our blog!

Friday 27th March 2020

Thank you to Amelia for sharing her science learning. It’s great to see Amelia has managed to find the different materials within her house and has thought about the properties of each!

Thank you to Aaishah for sending in her diary entry as Traction Man – what an imaginative idea! I love the way she has used red pencil to emphasis the sounds in the story. Aaishah has also used powerful verbs, adjectives and exclamation sentences to make her entry more exciting.

Aaishah has also shared her response to our P4C question; ‘Can girls be superheroes?’

Thursday 26th March 2020

Our first Traction Man stories are being sent in! Here is Raihan’s.

My favourite part is when Traction Man zaps the monster into an ant with horns! What’s your favourite part? Tell us in the comments.

Miss Alom and Miss Price-Rees would love to see the stories, and other home learning, you have been doing. Email it over to us at year2@thomasbuxtonps.co.uk and you could see it here on our blog!


Yet another fantastic story sent in by Aliyah! Thank you for sharing Aliyah. Great use of adjectives to describe detail.

Thank you to Aila for sending in her Traction Man story. Aila has used powerful vocabulary and exclamation sentences to make her writing exciting for the reader.

Another fantastic Traction Man story sent in by Amelia!