Homework – Week beginning 29/06/20

Good Morning Year 2!

Join us at 3pm on Thursday 2nd July for another Year 2 Zoom Get-together.

Join us every Friday at 10.30am for our Whoop Whoop assembly. There is also a parents coffee morning at 11am on Fridays where you can ask staff questions and chat to other parents.

Email year2@thomasbuxtonps.co.uk for the log in details to these events.

Can you write a story in 500 words?! Take part in the Black Lives Matter 500 Word Story Writing Competition. Details can be found here. The deadline is this Friday 3rd July – good luck!

Ideas Store might be closed but you can still do all of your favourite things online; story time, art club, family fun, reading challenge… find out more here.

Miss Price-Rees is still reading The BFG here!

Topic: World of Work

For the next two weeks you will be entering the World of Work. You will learn how to earn, save and spend.

On Wednesday 8th July at 10.15am there will be a live webinar that you can attend (logging in details will be sent out to parents/carers via PIOTA). During the session you will meet volunteers from the world of work. You will get the opportunity to ask the volunteers yes or no questions and guess what their jobs are!

Pre-webinar activity:

To prepare for the event we’d like you to think of some questions to ask the volunteers and write them down ready for Wednesday!

We would also like you to draw a picture of what you want to be when you grow up. Think about the following questions: How did you hear about the job? What do you know about the job? What subjects and skills does the job use?

Welcome to the World of Work:


  • What jobs have your parents or carers had?
  • What did they like or dislike about these jobs
  • How important was the money they earned?
  • How do they access money in their bank accounts? (use in-store / withdraw from a cash machine / paying online / mobile phone payments )

Can you identify the jobs you think people are doing in the image below?

Where does each person work? What kind of tools or equipment do you think they use?

People do different types of jobs. When we are doing our job, we are working. What other kinds of jobs do you know? Why do people have jobs? Why do people need to go to work? Write a list of your answers.

If we have a job then we earn money in return for all of our hard work.

Why do we need money? What can we buy with the money we have saved?

People spend the money they earn at work on all the things they, or others, need and want.

Chef’s story:

Retell Chefs story to your parent or carer. Use the statements below to support if needed.


Complete the reading task below.


Now it’s your turn to write or draw your own story about a person who buys something in a shop (you could even do yourself). First, decide whether they use a bank card or cash withdrawn from a cash machine. Next, Think about these questions:

  • What job does the person in your story have?
  • What shop are they going to?
  • What are they going to buy?
  • Are they paying using cash, their mobile phone or their bank card

You can use the templates below for some guidance.

To be successful I will:

  • Use capital letters, finger space and full stops
  • Use time connectives (first, next, then, after that, finally)
  • Use adverbs


Post-webinar activity: Imagine you are one of the volunteers you met during the webinar, now draw a day in the life of that job. You might find it helpful to do some research about the job with adult support, e.g. what tasks do they do, what equipment do they use, what clothing do they wear, what environment do they work in, etc. See example below:


The sound /ee/ spelt with -ey

  1. key
  2. donkey
  3. monkey
  4. chimney
  5. valley
  6. trolley
  7. turkey
  8. hockey
  9. parsley
  10. journey

You can also download and print handwriting practice sheets for the Year 1 and Year 2 common exception words for free here.


Over the next two weeks we will be revisiting multiplication and division. Complete lessons 1-5 here on your 3 and 4 times tables using arrays.

There are lots of handy videos here and here on how to use arrays and to recap your other times tables 🙂

Complete the multiplication and division tasks, including the reasoning and problem solving challenges, on Mathletics over the next two weeks, as well as the multiplication and division pages in your CGP Maths book.

It is also important that we revisit and continue to practice our calculation strategies. Make sure you have completed lessons 1-10  of the topic ‘Exploring calculation strategies here that were set in the last two weeks on adding and subtracting 2-digit numbers with regrouping. Make sure you have also completed the addition and subtraction reasoning and problem solving challenges on Mathletics and the addition and subtraction pages of your CGP Maths book.


The aim of this session is to be able to identify my successes and achievements and know how this makes me feel.

What is success? What is achievement?

Look at the pictures below and answer the questions:

  • Do you see success in the pictures? Why/why not?
  • How do you think the people feel?

What achievements and successes have you made in your life, over lockdown, over the last week or even just today? Write down all the achievements you have made – big or small!

Examples: doing my online learning, sharing my home learning on the school blog, reading every day, helping my family with the cleaning, being polite, learning to ride a bike, learning to tie my shoe laces, learning to play an instrument, performing in a school show…

Task: Create an achievement ribbon and write on it one achievement you are really proud of. Decorate your ribbon and display it in your home. Can your whole family create one each? We would love you to send us a photo of your ribbons!

Reflect: How did it feel to achieve this goals? How does it feel when you write down or share your achievements with someone? Do you feel proud?

Complete the sentence: I feel proud that I can…. (now many things can you list?!)


Over the next 3 weeks we are going to watch these 6 videos to learn in more detail how to be SMART online. This week we would like you to watch the videos ‘S’ and ‘M’ (each one is 15 minutes) and choose one of the independent challenge activities at the end of each video.

Childline is yours – a free, private and confidential service where you can talk about anything.

Check out RaspberryPi’s weekly computing challenges here. They also have a live lesson every Wednesday at 2pm!

Hour of Code also have loads of coding activities here.

Parents and carers, for more about keeping your child safe online click here. Click here for a guide on how to create a family agreement to set expectations and boundaries about internet use at home.


This week’s lesson is to create a sculpture using recycled materials: https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/to-create-a-sculpture-focused-on-reusable-materials

How to contact us

We would love you to share with us what you are doing in the comments section of this blog post. You can also update your teacher on your progress by emailing year2@thomasbuxtonps.co.uk.

Happy learning everyone!

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