Homework – Week beginning 18/05/20

Welcome to Week 5 Year 2!

As it is half term next week we will not be updating the blog until after half term. We will respond to any emails sent during half term to year2@thomasbuxtonps.co.uk when we return on 01/06/20. Below you can find the learning we would like you to have completed by the end of the half term holiday. Here is a reminder for adults on how to keep children safe online and here are some reminders on how to stay healthy. Have a happy, healthy half term break.

Today (Tuesday 19th May) we will be holding a Year 2 ‘Zoom Get-together’ from 2.30pm. If you would like to attend then please email  year2@thomasbuxtonps.co.uk so that we can send you the Zoom meeting link. We look forward to ‘seeing’ you there!

We will also be hosting a special Eid assembly on Thursday at 9am so please email us for the details of that as well. Read this post and send in pictures of your Eid preparations before Thursday so it can be shared in the assembly.

London History Day is celebrated on 31st May each year. Read this blog post to find some history-related activities that you can do to mark the day!

In addition to your homework below you can check out the Art-e-facts page to get creative and BBC Bitesize for additional daily lessons. There are also history and Spanish lessons here.

Paper packs with additional learning resources for each year group are available to collect from school from 9am-3.30pm until Friday 22nd May.


This week in English we will be continuing to explore the story Man on the Moon by Simon Bartram. Click here to listen to the story!

While you are listening to the story, imagine you are an alien on the moon watching Bob. How do you feel about Bob being on the Moon? What do you think about him collecting rubbish? How do you feel about tourists visiting the moon and what do you think of Bob’s performance?

You have been watching Bob all day and you are going to write a recount to report back to the other aliens what you have seen Bob doing all day. A recount re-tells events in the order that they happened and describes people, places and things. It may also include the person’s thoughts and feels about what happened.

To be successful you must include the following in your recount:

  • 1st person; I, me, my (you are the alien)
  • Past tense (you are re-telling what the astronaut did that day at the end of the day)
  • technical language (Astronauts, aliens, rocket, spaceships, crater)
  • time connectives (first, next, later) and things written in the order they happened.
  • adjectives to describe people, places and things seen.
  • Introduction with who, what, where, why and when
  • Conclusion summarising the day.

Challenge: Can you include the alien’s personal feelings about what the astronaut is doing?

Can you include some of the space technical vocabulary below?

Here is another story about Bob and what he gets up to: Bob’s Best Ever Friend by Simon Bartram.

Over the next two weeks, either before or after you write a recount of what Bob was doing that day on the moon (from the perspective of the alien), we would like you to follow the the 5 lessons on writing a recount here using the inspiration of ‘The Firework Maker’s Daughter.’ This way you should be a lot more confident about writing recounts before summer 2 🙂

Please encourage children to use the think it, say it, write it, CHECK IT method for every sentence when writing and then ensure they read through their work at the end to correct any punctuation and spelling errors and see what they can add to make it even better!

There is also a video from Michael Rosen about writing a recount here.

The week’s spellings:

Ensure you are confident in spelling all the weekly spelling words (see below). Can an adult test you on these to identify which spellings you need to practice further?

The sound /ee/ spelt with -ey

  • key
  • donkey
  • monkey
  • chimney
  • valley
  • trolley
  • turkey
  • hockey
  • parsley
  • journey

There is additional spelling practice in your CGP books. 


This week we are retrieving information from the below text in order to answer the questions.

Please email us if you require a simpler or more challenging version of this text and questions for your child or if you would like the answers.

You may also enjoy listening to How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers here over the next two weeks.

Continue to read daily; silently or aloud, with others or on your own, a book, BugClub or a reading comprehension in your CGP book, or listen to someone reading a story. Miss Price-Rees will be reading The BFG on youtube every day!


This week we will be continuing with our fractions learning because fractions can be tricky and practice makes perfect! There are 5 new online fractions lessons here. Last week’s lessons are still there in case you want to revisit anything you found tricky.

There are two introductory learner guides on BBC Bitesize here too.

Once you have completed the lessons go back on to Mathletics and complete the fractions questions again – can you achieve a higher score this time and answer the questions quicker? We have added some problem solving fraction challenges as well!

Make sure you have also completed p38-42 of your Maths CGP book as well.


This week’s science lesson is about how shadows are formed.

Over the next two weeks why not explore Nasa’s kids club website to learn more about space.

Art and Design

This week’s art lesson is to create shadow art.

Article of the Week

How to contact us

We would love you to share with us what you are doing in the comments section of this blog post. You can also update your teacher on your progress by emailing year2@thomasbuxtonps.co.uk.

Happy learning everyone!

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