Monthly Archives: March 2019

Y2 Science and Computing: a plane crash, a circus and lots of minbeasts!

Year 2 have combined our Science and Computing work based around our learning about Animals including Humans and Living Things and their Habitats.

Franklin and Anning classes started our learning by taking part in a Now>Press>Play experience, acting out a story involving a plane crash and a circus! Through the story we explored the different animal groups and the basic needs of animals for survival, as well as that animals have offspring that grow into adults.

We went on to compare the differences between things that are living, dead and have never been alive, and used the Secret Garden to help us to explore and observe a habitat and the minibeasts that live there. We used all of this learning, as well our learning about food chains, to practise our identification and classification skills. We created a branching database using the j2e programme. Have a look – what do you think of our sorting? Can you spot any issues that need ‘debugging’?

This year we have loved finding out about lots of different scientists, and discovering that anyone can be a scientist if they work hard! To complete our Science topic we learned about Rachel Carson, who one of the Y3 classes are named after.

Rachel Carson was an American scientist who has had a huge impact on the world. She not only came up with the idea of a food chain, but she discovered that chemicals from gardens and farms were going into the ocean, and that these chemicals were killing sea creatures. Her findings helped scientists to change the rules on chemicals used on farms and in gardens, and to protect sea creatures’ right to a safe environment. We created fact files using popplet to record our findings.