Y2 become bakers – watch out Paul Hollywood…

This week for our Design and Technology learning, Year 2 designed and made a bread product for their chosen target market.

We started out by tasting a few different kinds of bread. The naan bread was popular, but the rye bread not so much!

We learned about the process of making bread – from growing wheat to making the dough. We even watched a few clips from the Great British Bake Off to inspire us.

Next, we designed a bread product to appeal to our chosen target market; these included children aged 7 who like animals, hungry teachers and family members at a celebration event. We came up with lots of ambitious designs to create out of bread!

We worked in groups to make our dough:

The dough was very sticky, and it was difficult to work with at first. Some children liked the squidgy texture of the dough, but some were less keen!

Next we had to use our muscles to knead the dough and activate the yeast, the magic ingredient to make our dough rise by creating air bubbles inside the dough.

After kneading, we had to leave the dough to ‘prove’ over lunch. When we came back the dough had got much bigger!

Our next step was to shape the dough to appeal to our target market.

Sometimes it was hard to follow our original design, especially if we had to add lots of detail. However, we persevered and adapted our designs where needed. The end results looked pretty impressive – and tasted delicious too!

After we’d eaten our bread we evaluated the design process. From Australia and New Zealand classes, 43 children (from a total of 56) said that they liked the bread and would make it again. When we talked about what the children found difficult some of the main points were:

  • It was difficult to knead the bread
  • I found it hard to add detail
  • Shaping my bread and following my design was tricky
  • I didn’t like it when the dough got all over my hands!

29 children said that they would like to take part in the Great British Bake Off in the future – so get practising!

If you’d like to make the bread at home, here’s the recipe:

250g plain flour
250g strong white flour
1 ½ level teaspoons fine sea salt
1 teaspoon easy-blend yeast
325ml warm water
1 tablespoon rapeseed or olive oil, plus a bit extra for oiling

1. Put the flour into a large bowl with the salt and yeast.
2. Add the oil and water.
3. Mix to a rough dough.
4. Flour/ oil your hands a little.
5. Tip out the dough on to a work surface and knead for 5 – 10 minutes, until smooth.
6. Try not to add too much extra flour if you can help it!
7. Trickle a little oil into a clean bowl, add the kneaded dough and turn it in the oil so it is covered.
8. Cover with a tea towel and leave it in a warm place to rise until doubled in size – at least an hour, probably two.
9. When the dough is risen and puffy, take it out and ‘knock it back’ – poke with your fingers.
10. Shape the dough as you want.
11. Bake at 220C/ gas mark 7 for 15 mins or until risen and golden.
12. Leave to cool and enjoy!

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