Year 2: algorithms and debugging!

This week in computing Year 2 have been learning about computer programming.

We learnt key vocabulary such as algorithm (a set of instructions), debugging (solving a problem with an algorithm), hardware (the physical parts of a computer such as a screen or keyboard) and software (apps and programmes to run on hardware).

We started by programming  beebots with an algorithm to create simple shapes. We used arrow cards to plan the steps of our algorithm, and recorded the steps we took. We encountered a few problems with our algorithms that we had to debug!

Next we used what we had learnt with the beebots to draw simple shapes using the Logo software on laptops. We started off on level 1, using the buttons on screen to draw the shapes.

Next, we moved onto level 2 – using programming language to write the algorithm and draw the shapes:

We had to be careful to enter the steps of the algorithm very carefully, otherwise the software didn’t understand what we wanted it to do!

You can draw all sorts of amazing shapes with the Logo software. Why don’t you try using it at home and see what you can create?

Tell us in the comments what you manage to create at home, or tell us what your favourite thing about our computing learning this week was.

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