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Year 2 become aviators!

On Wednesday 11th April we visited the Royal Air Force museum in Colindale, London to start our new theme, Up, up and away!

Our tour guides showed us some amazing planes dating back to 100 years old.

The first plane we explored was the bi-plane. It was made out of fabric and wood but painted silver to make it look like metal.

We could all fit under one wing of the Vulcan plane! It has four engines and can move through the sky very quickly!

We had the chance to make our own plane and used learned how to use the words “thrust,” “gravity” and “lift.”

Lunchtime was fun because we got to play on air gliders!

Throughout the day we explored the images and symbols on the planes called “roundels.”


We had such an amazing day!

What was your favourite part of the day? Leave us a comment below.

Y2 SATs information for parents

Thank you to all the parents who came along to the information morning about the Key Stage one SATs at the end of last term.

If you weren’t able to come along, or would like a reminder of the details of the different papers that children in Year 2 will be taking, you can watch a short video explaining the different papers here:

Please remember that these written papers are only PART of the assessment process. We use them alongside the work the children do throughout the year to assess the progress each child is making.

We always tell the children that the most important thing to remember is ‘try your best and don’t worry!’. It would be great if you could reinforce this at home!

Please do ask Mr Marseglia, Miss Turnbull or Miss Bibi if you have any questions about the Key Stage 1 tests.