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How do you make people sympathetic?

How do you make people sympathetic? 

This is the question New Zealand class came up with during our discussion about our whole school text ‘Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters’.

We  thought about the relationship between Nyasha and Manyara, some of the key words we came up with to help form our question were:

angry     sympathetic     envious      furious     jealous 

What do you think – how do you make people sympathetic? Leave your ideas in the comments section!

Year two visit the farm!

As part of our Science learning about ‘Animals including Humans’ this term, Year two visited Spitalfields City farm next door.

We got to see animals including pigs, sheep, goats, chickens, geese, guinea pigs and donkeys.

The goats have a playground to entertain them just like we do at school!

Two of the goats were having a disagreement during our visit. What do you think they might have been arguing about?

Don’t forget that the farm is free to visit – why not take your family along and explain what you have been learning about what animals need to survive? They have some free activities over half term for families too – check out their website for more info:

Would it be a good thing if we could answer all the mysteries of the world?

Would it be a good thing if we could answer all the mysteries of the world?

We have been looking at the different countries of the world in our theme, Around The World.

We have also been looking at having a “growth mindset” and how to have a positive attitude when working, even if we do not know the answer to a question.

This led us to think about our answering questions.

Our question this week is…. would it be a good thing if we could answer all the mysteries of the world?

We would love to hear from you!

Year 2 become fruit tasters!

Watch our video about fruits by clicking here!

In Science this half term, year 2 have been learning all about ‘Animals including Humans’.

We learnt about the basic needs of animals and humans and how they grow.

We carried out an experiment to test whether children get faster when they get older and discovered that they do.

We learnt how to keep ourselves clean and how to have a balanced diet.

We linked our science learning to our topic, Around the World and tasted different fruit from around the world and it was delicious!