Monthly Archives: June 2016

Year 2 Balloon Release


As part of our D.T. project last half term, Year 2 designed a method to send a message to an unknown recipient.  This resulted in releasing some colourful balloons with our Rights Respecting messages attached.

Watch as we countdown and launch the balloons:

To our surprise, we received a message back from someone who lived all the way in Barnet! That means our balloons traveled approximately 10 miles!

Y2 blog balloon

Well done to all the children in Year 2 for their thoughtful messages!


Computing Week – Picture Clue Answers Revealed!

To aid our code cracking mission during Computing week, we have been warming our brains up with some special early morning work.

Every day we have been trying to decipher what some cryptic clues could mean! Finally, the answers are here!

See if your answers were right!


1. Mr Buggins

2. Ms Strachan

3. Ms Begum

4. Ms John (x2)

5. Ms Fordhamtuesday

1.Ms Elliot

2.Ms Veigurs

3.Mr Hague

4.Ms Burns

5.Ms Yung


1.Ms Slinger

2.Ms Lycett

3.Mrs Flanagan

4. Ms Sillars

5. Ms Dwyer

6.Ms Borgthursday

1.Mr Downs

2. Ms Squires

3.Mr Saye

4. Ms Bahroot

5.Mr Cuthbertson


1.Mr Muhib

2. Ms Boutflour

3.Ms Ralf

4.Ms Stewart

Did you crack all the codes? Can you think of any of your own?