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In Year 2, we have been creating our very own Whack-A-Mole games using Scratch.

We have learnt all about algorithms, programming and debugging.  We have learnt about how important it is to give clear instructions as well as developing our resilience and problem solving skills!

We had lots of fun working together to create unique games and build up our coding skills each week. We’re so excited to share our hard work with you and you can play some of our games by clicking on the links below:SCRATCH4

Teddy Bears Hospital

To learn more about healthy living, Year 2 took their teddies along for a much needed check up from the doctors and dentists at the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel.

As well as learning how to look after our teddies to help them the best they can be, we met some police officers and their horses and were lucky enough to have a look inside an ambulance and a fire engine. We learned lots about how these services help the public to stay safe.

Have a look at the pictures below and leave a comment! We will make sure we reply.


We learned what exactly is inside us (and our teddies!)


…and how to look after our teeth.


We know that we have to brush our teeth twice a day for 2 minutes at a time.


We used stethoscopes to hear our heartbeat.

IMG_0440IMG_0434 IMG_0437





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