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Year 2 will be completing their SATs (Standardised Attainment Tests) after the half term holidays. There has been a lot of preparation at school  and Whales and Bears are now ready to do their best!

Remember you all need 8-10 hours sleep per night, healthy meals, lots of water and some exercise (if the sun’s out)!

School is open from 8am and everyone is encouraged to come along. You can have a healthy breakfast, use the computers to do MathsWhizz or Bugclub and you will also get a chance to relax with your friends before the start of the test.

Check out the BBC Bitesize website below for some fun activities which will help you get ready for your SATs.

BBC bitesize pic

We look forward to seeing you back in school Bears and Whales on Monday June 2nd with all your lovely homework!

See you next week  🙂


Owls, owls and more owls!

We had some very special visitors on Friday. Ed, the great horned owl, Archie the barn owl, Spike the African eagle owl and Gizmo, the white faced scops owl.

Year 2, can you tell us  what you learned about each owl? Here are some pictures to remind you of the visit.

IMG_4304IMG_4306IMG_4309IMG_4348IMG_4354IMG_4355IMG_4351IMG_4357IMG_4363IMG_4380IMG_4387IMG_4396IMG_4401IMG_4423IMG_4434IMG_4438IMG_4441IMG_4450IMG_4454IMG_4459IMG_4464 IMG_4467 IMG_4469 IMG_4474 IMG_4482 IMG_4485 IMG_4500 IMG_4502 IMG_4503 IMG_4522 IMG_4524 IMG_4535

Night School!!!

Last Friday, as part of our IPC topic ‘Night time’, Year 2 stayed back until  9.30pm for Night School!!!

We had lots of fun experiencing night time activities such as going for a night walk, camping  and creating night time art work.

This was in preparation for our SATs which will take place in a few weeks time.

Take a look at the pictures below to find out more about what we did.

Can you describe how you felt Bears and Whales when you went out for your night walk and saw the campfire? How did the toasted marshmallows and damper taste? What was your favourite part of Night School?