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This is the part of the Year 1 blog where you can find all of the fantastic work that you have been doing at home. Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this page.

Friday 17th July

The last day of term and more of a chance to celebrate more of the fantastic learning and growth!

Ayat’s smile says it all! “It has been a wonderful time.”

Sabiha would like to share this exciting development with you all:

This is the first of Sabiha’s baby teeth to fall out!

Tamani is preparing for Year 2 by sharing her excitement and enthusiasm to continue learning.

Your adventures over the holidays will definitely feed into your story writing!

Reflecting and revisiting are all important as we transition and move through life. Tamani has shared some work revisiting learning and reflective work below.

Wednesday 15th July

The Transition has begun! The year has been a unique one. Hokusai and Kusama have enjoyed learning in so many different contexts. You have all demonstrated such resilience and shown that learning opportunities are everywhere.

Sabiha and Safwan are marked the period into transition with their home graduation ceremony. Congratulations, Sabiha and Safwan.

Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

Tuesday 14th July

This year all of the classes at Thomas Buxton have been named after artists. This has definitely left an impression on one member of the class named after the dotty artist, Yayoi Kusama. Sabiha wants to wish you all a great summer holiday through her art work.

Aairah’s breadth of reading has informed her thoughts on her future career. I love how stories, reading, conversation and observation inspire our dreams and aspirations.

Monday 13th July

This is the final week of the school year! What a journey you have all been on. It’s such a delight to share your love of learning. Ayat has been thinking about her time in Kusama Class and created these pages for her Achievement Portfolio.

Thinking forward to where her journey may lead. Ayat has written a poem about being a teacher

A change of of pace and Ayat has also shared her maths learning with us. Keep enjoying what you are doing, Ayat!

As well as getting outdoors and running around until she was very tired, Tamani has enjoyed the stories from our home learning blog this week. She has written down her answers and shared them with you below.

Aairah has been enjoying the great ideas and has been improving her phonics knowledge and spelling. Take a look at her work below. Perhaps you could hunt for he digraph ‘wh’ in your immediate surroundings. Or take a leaf out of Aairah’s book and embark on a plant hunt. Remember to always ask and are accompanied by an adult and make sure you follow safety guidelines when going out.

Friday 10th July


The first edition of Raihan’s debut publication is here! Typed by the author himself, this inspirational tale has an important message for all.

Thursday 9th July

The children in the Year 1 Bubble really enjoyed taking part in the ‘World of Work’ webinar. They joined in with others to ask some great questions and they guessed two out of the three jobs!

They were so inspired they began making their own poster of jobs in alphabetical order!

They have set you a challenge!

Can think of a job for each letter of the alphabet?

It’s great to see and hear about the dreams and aspirations of Year 1. One of our budding authors has chosen to use a laptop to write the first draft of his story Hide Ninja. Can you predict what genre the story will be? E.g. adventure, mystery, fantasy.

I’m really looking forward to reading Raihan’s published work.

Tamani has completed her first draft of The Important Thing is… Great job, Tamani!

She’s continuing to earn and save those Thomas Bucks by completing some of the tasks on our home learning blog this week.

Tamani’s begun to compile her Portfolio of Achievement. This is a wonderful start.

Wednesday 8th July

Manha has been tapping into her creativity. She decided to be Kusama for the day. What shape is Kusama known for using in her work? Take a look at Manha Kusama’s work for a hint.

” I just couldn’t stop the dots!”

I love how we can get lost in art and be transported to another world. It’s such a great form of expression and can be very therapeutic too.

Monday 6th July

All in a days work! Great to see the entrepreneurial skills of year 1. This book shop owner takes great care when advising her customers about the latest releases. Bululu and Omar seem very pleased with their purchases.

It’s great to see Maryam sharing her knowledge about having a healthy lifestyle. She has opened up a greengrocer and delicatessen. I wonder what Ibrahim decided to purchase.

It’s great to see that Maryam is thinking about and planning for the future. She created this money box to keep her earnings safe. Thank you for sharing your learning with us.

Friday 3rd July

Raihan has gained a deep understanding of his dream career. Read his work to find out what an architect does. I love how he has written how what he’s doing now relates to achieving this goal.

Manha has started her own business. What type of shop is Manha running? Check out the prices on some of these items. Manha has decided that she will save her earnings. Can you guess what she would like to buy?

Tamani has been putting her literacy skills, problem solving skills and creativity into practise. I love how you made sure to check your work once you finished.

Tamani has been looking to the future and thinking of her steps to success. Tamani has developed a love of languages. She shared that she was proud of her achievements in Arabic and has set another goal that expands her linguistic skill set.

Thursday 2nd July

Sabiha has applied her learning and been completely engrossed in the world of work this week. Take a look at her pictures below. What jobs has Sabiha been doing and what is her dream job?

Safwan and Sabiha, excellent collaboration and teamwork!

Tamani has applied skills from the across the curriculum to complete some tasks this week. Take a look at the pictures below.

The Coronavirus pandemic and her relative have influenced Tamani’s dream job choice.

I love that you are dreaming big for yourself and for others, Tamani. (This was our Hokusai slogan this year)

Manha has completed the interview task with a twist! She has shared her own experience not the world of work and what a way to introduce volunteering to us. Read below to find out more.

Wednesday 1st July

The children in the Year 1 Bubble have been so inspired by the World of Work they decided to make their own money boxes! They even made money to put in there!

Maths is everywhere! How can you practise maths in your everyday life? Notice pairs, groups, fractions, capacity and volume and opportunities for counting. How will Aairah put her work below into practise in the real world?

When you’re reading your choice of books can you spot the statements, exclamations and questions? How does your expression change to reflect this?

Monday 28th June

Ayat has been very busy. We really love seeing a variety of you work. It’s great that you are able to recognise how you have developed m so many things to be proud of.

Aairah has been working on her spelling and punctuation. What do you notice about he words in this exercise. Hint: say each word aloud.

The next fornightly theme will be The World of Work one very important skill for the world of work is time keeping. It’s great to see you all finding every opportunity to practise this life skill we help you learn through maths.

Thank you, Aairah for sharing these pictures. See how many different opportunities to practise time telling and time keeping you can find throughout the day.

Friday 26th June

The children in the Year 1 Bubble have created some wonderful art based on the book ‘Wild’ they also used some amazing adjectives to describe the main character.

Tamani has been making some fantastic connections between our geography learning this year and our outdoor learning theme. I wonder if any of Year 1 have come across any of these national plants. Do they only grow in the countries they represent?

Thursday 25th June

Manha has embarked on her Great Plant Hunt. Where better to start than your own back yard.

Manha has identified each plant and labelled the parts. Have you come across any of these plants in your local area?

Which plant has both flowers and buds in the picture above?

You could have a go at an identification game. Use adjectives to describe the the shape, size and colour of the leaves and petals. Describe the length and thickness of the stem too and even talk about the fragrance.

Manha has chosen to explore he lavender plant in more depth.

Can you notice the flowers above the leaves on the stem?
Great research skills, Manha!

Tamaninhas been thinking about our RRS article of the week. She’s created this poster with all the different ways to say “Hello, how are you?” How many languages can you read?

Such a beautiful sentiment.

Tamani has been thinking about her journey from a baby to child take a look at this wonderful piece about how Tamani has developed over time.

Aairah has been out on her Great Plant Hunt too. I wonder if any of you can identify these plants she has photgraphed. I love how you are recording your discoveries in such creative ways. Darwin would be proud!

Aairah has chosen one of the plants she photographed and drawn a diagram detailing its parts. Can you see which one she has chosen?

Wednesday 24th June

Ayat is taking advantage of this summery weather. She has chosen bicycle riding as her daily activity. You can see that this outdoor activity has definitely contributed to her mood!

Ayat has been using the plant profiles to identify this specimen. Ayat took this photograph herself too! Do you know what wild flower this is?

Tuesday 23rd June

Manha has continued her work on capacity. You can see her wonderful work below

She titles the, The Glass isn’t Always Half Full.

she has been thinking about a lot about our Right Respecting Article this week. Article 2 – No discrimination. Manha chose to make a poster to share her message of respect for all.

Aairah has been exercising her body and mind today. We love seeing you active and interacting with the environment. The digraph she would.like to share with you all today is wr. The ‘w’ is silent so this makes the same sound as r .

whilst out doing some daily exercise and having a picnic in the park. Aairah and her family went on a bit of a plant hunt. Aairah has taken a photograph of this unusually coloured leaf. I wonder why it has this kind of colouring.

Can you identify this plant?

Maryam has been applying her art skills. This Brilliant piece was inspired by her brother and Australian artist Ken Done. Maryam has use line carefully in her London landmark artwork, The Gherkin. I love the colours you’ve chosen!

I love how the colour scheme spills off the page.

Friday 19th June

And a celebration to round off the week. You are all incredible! Here’s what makes Aairah incredible:

Aairah has been developing a new skill. How to use a dictionary.

It seems like you are all really enjoying this Outdoor Learning theme. I will definitely have a go at running up and down the hallway

It is such a pleasure seeing you all be proactive learners. Manha has demonstrated this by using the success criteria to assess her own work

What features of her writing has she marked with ticks?
You could have a go too!

Thursday 18th June

Tamani has created a poster about all the different ways she stays healthy

What a great way to remind yourself and educate others !

She has made a medal too. Can you read who she has awarded it to?

Manha has been exercising her mind too. Just like our bodies, regular practise improves how our brain works. As well as doing her spelling list this week Manha has been telling the time. She said, “I am getting better.”

Aairah has been working out her brain today. She has been doing some phonics work. In the pictures below shes been using the trigraph dge (used after a short vowel sound) and digraph ge (after after a long vowel sound). She has also learnt about the silent k and g for the digraphs kn and gn which both make the ‘n’ sound. English language is fascinating! Look out for these trigraphs and digraphs when you’re reading this week.

Thank you for the matching challenge, Aairah.

Manha has been working very hard on using capital letters and full stops. So I asked her to mark my sentence:

i used to live in india. i really loved it. i worked there with my friend hattie.

She corrected my work and then explained when I should use capital letters.

Wednesday 17th June

This week we wanted you all to get outside and get that heart pumping! Well Manha certainly did that! She then wrote about what happens to our bodies when we exercise! Very inspiring, it would be lovely to see more photographs of you all being active!

Tuesday 16th June

Manha has been reflective this past week. she has compiled a list of her strengths and her Incredible Me portrait.

Sabiha has been demonstrating here creativity this week. What a beautiful painting.

I can tell you are very proud of this work.

Sabiha has also shared her comparison between modern day school and school in Victorian times.

Another expression, full of pride!

Aairah has attempted one of our capacity problems. I love the way she has used the mathematical symbols for greater than (>) and less than (<) in her work too.

Yellow pots: A < B
Blue pots: A > B

Friday 12th June

This week Sabiha wrote a wonderful diary entry about her own day, based on our work on a Victorian child’s diary. After recieving some feedback from her teacher Sabiha went back over her work and marked it using the success criteria. Wow, Miss Sabiha you have show true resilience this week, well done!

The Year 1 children that have been in school have been talking about their experiences over the last few months. They have made some beautiful ‘Wish Dolls’ and they have expressed what their hopes and wishes for the future are.

Manha has been transported back to Victorian times. Here’s an excerpt from her diary below. She’s compared Victorian times and modern time by drawing a Venn diagram.

Tamani’s been busy with our Victorian’s theme this week too. It’s interesting to learn how things have changed and what hasn’t.

Our PSHE this week and has made Tamani think. I love learning about you all and hearing what you’re proud of.

Aairah has been exploring capacity with these fun activities. It’s great to see you estimating, predicting, testing and sequencing.

This is one of my favourite books. We enjoyed it in Hokusai class. I love re-reading a good book. Aairah is re-reading it and writing her own version too.

Superheroes are keen learners too. This masked home learner has shared her learning about the Victorians.

Thursday 11th June

Manha is really enjoying playing Scrabble, here you can see lots of words that she has made using the Scrabble letters. I am sure Manha would love to hear what games you are all enjoying playing. It’s time to put down your tablets and phones and dust off some of your old board games!

Sabiha made some very tasty looking strawberry icecream last night. I know she would love to see what delicious food you have all been making so please do share your photographs and recipe ideas. I love the top that Sabiha is wearing, it seems very appropriate for icecream making!

Wednesday 10th June

A big part of learning is thinking about how you can develop and improve your work. Do you notice the changes she has made?

It seems like rules are important to Aairah and her family too.

Tuesday 9th June

Aairah has been getting to grips with chornology. This means time order. She’s had a go at putting together her own timelines.

Monday 8th June

Ayat has sequenced her day at the seaside, she has also illustrated her work beautifully.

Aairah has had an eventful weekend! I love that you are applying so many areas of learning. What maths, science and English can you spot ?

Yet another YouTube star! Click here and here to hear Aairah reflect on friendship.

Friday 5th June

Click here to check out our latest YouTube star. Ayat is singing the very powerful and uplifting song ‘We shall overcome’.

Aairah has shared a picture of her time capsule. This can help us and future generations remember or understand what its been like during lockdown. What would you want children in the future to know about your experiences? What do you want to remember? What would you put in your time capsule?

Here is a snapshot of Aairah’s week. How have you chosen to complete your home learning this week?

Tamani and her family have shared their set of rules in response to our P4C question this week. They believe rules are important for harmony. This means that it helps them to live peacefully

Wednesday 3rd June

Even though the sun is out of sight today ⛅ it’s nice to see it isn’t out of mind. It seems like our Victorians – ‘Beside the Seaside’ theme is brightening the sky for Year 1.

Aairah has shared her learning with us below.

It’s great to see you writing out your answer in full sentences. Mmmm! Receiving a postcard from you at the seaside would make me want to eat fish and chips.

Tuesday 2nd June

We hope you enjoyed half term! It’s nice to see what fun and interesting things you have been up to.

Sabiha and her family enjoying their Eid celebrations. What gorgeous decorations!

Tamani really enjoyed making the star biscuits from our recipe. She assures us they are not just for Eid.

How many different shapes has she made?
How many of each shape is there?
Do you notice any patterns?

Tamani also has enjoyed her Superhero training. I wonder how she helped out to officially become Tamand.

Great story, Tamani!
or should we say, Tamand?!

Friday 22nd May

Aairah has really got stuck in with her learning this week. It’s always a pleasure to see how you apply from the online tasks. Aairah has begun her very own recipe book.

To relax and experience some downtime. Aairah finds colouring therapeutic. What do you find helps when you’re dealing with big emotions?

Tamani has shared her response to our P4C question and task this week. I hope you all enjoy recording your brilliant ideas over the half-term break. Remember to share them with us.

Thursday 21st May

Sabiha’s Magic Trick!

Sabiha has kindly shared a magic trick to show the rest of Year 1. Wow, a star in the making! How does she do it? Please click here to watch her perform on our school YouTube channel.

Tamani has worked hard to show exactly what the word clever means to her. She has organised her work really well. So she has now been asked if she could use some of these words to create an acrostic poem for the word clever. It would be great if the rest of you could have a go at creating an acrostic poem for clever. An acrostic poem is where the first letters of each line spell out the word or phrase.








Wednesday 20th May

Here’s some fantastic work from Yahya. thank you so much for sharing your story of bravery. You were definitely triumphant! A great reason to be adventurous too.

Aairah has been building a house out of Lego. “I made the front and the back of the house. I have made a bed for Olivia from Lego Friends. I also made a pet shop which has hamsters. Would you like a hamster as a pet?”

Tamani has tackled The Tall Tower and successfully escaped! It’s great to be able to read your strategy and see what type of calculations you applied. How did your strategies compare?

Manha decided to revisit our science lesson on seasons and presented her learning with four eye-catching posters.

She has since taken up the position of Chief Lecturer at her home school. It looks fascinating!

Here’s what Manha had to say about her new vocation: “Today I revisited the four seasons and wrote about what happens in each of these.
I then decided to teach Nana about the seasons. I asked her lots of questions and answered some of hers. I loved pointing with the stick!”

It’s great to see and hear about how you are continuing your learning and how much you all love it. Tamani’s been hard at work advocating for the safe reopening of our school.

I’ve seen a few suggestions for the answer to the original problem set in our online tasks this week. Manha set a challenge for herself and shared the process of making her very own wallpaper.

“I made my own unicorn wallpaper this morning. I cut out the wallpaper into different size papers. I then tried to guess the size order. I am pointing at the smallest piece first. I tried to count the number of unicorns to guess the size of each piece.”

Friday 15th May

It looks like Aairah is drawing on her knowledge and applying skills from across our subjects to answer and explore the P4C questions this week. Great work.

Sabiha has been honing her skills as a mathematician and creative counter. Can you figure out what amount eachdifferent coloured bean represents?

Manha has been doing some wonderful research all about lions. Look at the clear way in which she has organised her ideas! Do you have any questions you would like to ask Manha about lions?

As you can see in this wonderful picture, Ayat has been busy counting the flowers in her garden. She counted 35 white flowers!

Could she share these flowers equally between herself and her mum? See if you can work out the answer and put it in the comments section of this page.

Thursday 14th May

Our Year 1 authors are out in full force! Sabiha has been writing animal themed stories for us all to enjoy. Thank you, Sabiha.

Who else has been enjoy Rumble in the Jungle? Aairah chose the giraffe as part of her learning this week.

Manha has been getting creative and experimenting with different stamps. What do you think she’s used to make these gorgeous impressions? She also had a change of pace in this series of pictures.

Wednesday 13th May

Over the past week Aairah’s been diligently working on our online tasks. I wonder what inspired her art and design projects.

Great use of the weather diary Aairah and I love the leaf observations

Aairah’s had a go at writing her own captions too. I wonder what inspired these art and design projects.

Last week Friday was VE DAY. Tamani’s been thinking about the lessons we can learn and has shared her work below.

Tamani and her dad collaborated on this art and design project for VE day 8-5-2020

What do you think they have used to make this peaceful piece.

Thursday 7th May

Raihan and his family have been lifting spirits in their community. That would certainly make me smile and give me the motivation to do my best!

We decorated hearts and my auntie and mum wrote our positive messages for whoever goes past our house to see, while the coronavirus is happening. 

Raihan has certainly been getting stuck in and it looks like he’s really enjoying his reading. This is an entry from his reading journal. Who else has enjoyed this story that he has summarised?

This really made me want to reread Chicken Licken!

Here’s Manha being brave. She faced her fear of bees and bugs to go fly catching in her garden.

Aairah’s been thinking about our P4C discussion question this week. What makes someone brave? She decided to note down her points like this.

I agree, one of my biggest challenges recently is staying home because of Covid-19.

Wednesday 6th May

Raihan has been collaborating with his family to celebrate the month of Ramadan. He also wrote the captions for each photo himself.

This is our conservatory. We cut out shapes, painted them and then stuck them on the windows and doors, to make our conservatory look a bit more like a mosque.

We did this as mosques are closed because of the coronavirus and we cannot go during this blessed month in Islam.

 This picture is a banner saying, Ramadan Mubarak. Me, my sister and cousins did this using the technique bubble printing. We had a lot of fun doing this. (Mum and Auntie didn’t really enjoy the cleaning up). After, Mum cut up the papers into different lantern shapes and wrote down ‘RAMADAN MUBARAK’

We also made paper lanterns. They were hung up around the house.
Another thing we did is make a grateful tree. Every day before everyone breaks their fast we sit and think about what we are grateful for and add it to our tree. It’s growing really nicely. 

Thank you for looking at the pictures. 

Aairah has been having a go at our P4C task this week. I love how she’s applying the skills she’s practising in English here too!

Tamani’s really been thinking deeply about our article of the week.. Here’s her ID hand inspired by our UNRC article of the week. Article 7 Every child has the right to be registered at birth, to have a name and nationality, and, as far as possible, to know and be cared for by their parents.

Aleena’s had her poet’s hat on! Enjoy reading her poem entitled, All of Me.

I really like the rhythm and the rhyme.

Aleena’s been thinking more about our science learning around the seasons.

What a great layout for your observational log!

Tuesday 5th April

What a cosy place to relax and read! I’d certainly love to join you for tea in here

I can see someone else is enjoying this space too.

Tamani’s has been creative and made an Eid Mubarak card and a Sadaqah charity jar for those in need.

Monday 4th April

Aairah used cubes to measure the height of Captain America. She used 15 cubes. 10 yellow and five pink.

Tamani and her family have kindly shared their den making plans. As you can see they worked together to create a very detailed design.
If you could make any den you wanted to what would it look like? We would love to see some of your designs. You could use Tamani’s design layout to help inspire you!

Ayat has written a beautiful piece about why she likes her wonderful garden. She then went on a shape hunt, I wonder if you can identify what shapes Ayat found?

Thursday 30th April

Thank you for sharing this special place with us Manha. What a beautiful place to meditate!

It may be a rainy day today but as Manha wrote, “one day it will be sunny again.”

A glimpse into how Aairah has organised her thinking for our P4C discussion this week.

How do you organise your ideas?

As you can see Tamani has been den building since she was 2! She has become quite the expert now, look at her latest den…wow! This den took three days to build.

Tamani, did you design this den before you built it? I’m sure we would all love to see the plans!

Ayat has been very busy making lots of different dens, I wonder if you can name the different shaped dens she built?

These are great, which is your favourite den Ayat?

Tuesday 28th April

Maryam is ready and raring to go. Can you tell the time on this clock that Maryam has made? What shape is Maryam’s clock? How do you know?

I like how colorful the clock is. I wonder what materials Maryam used to make. Which part make the hands move?

The Great HokuSama Den Build is off to a roaring start. Aleena designed hers with the help of her sister. Can you notice how Aleena used number words and adjectives in her equipment list.

Aleena’s estimation was very close! She has used hands to measure the height of her den.

Look at those sharp teeth! Nice use of blocks for the crocodile’s body.

Aleena typed up her follow up story herself. You can read it over on the HOME tab.

Aleena’s had her lab coat and goggles on too. This is her science learning.

Friday 24th April

Look at how much fun Manha is having! What a great time game. I wonder if you can tell the time on any of Manha’s clocks?

Wednesday 22nd April

Aairah and her mum made this clock together. I wonder how long it took to complete. Can you read what time it is?

Tuesday 21st April

A lovely drawing for the purpose built Nightingale Hospital by Fatima. Thank you, Fatima for the encouraging words.
What an imaginative way to share your timetable. Can you read the clock in Manha’s hand and say what time she’s having her tea party?
Aairah has been applying her DT skills in her home learning. What topic do these wonderful creations remind you of?
Raihan made his predictions about our text, Oh No, GEORGE, by writing his answers down. Great to see you remembering to use a full stop at the end of your sentence.

Monday 20th April 2020

Aleena had a go at creating her own heart character. She has included lots of detail in her description and remembered her full stops, gaps between words and capital letters too.

A beautiful drawing and Arabella sounds like she has a beautiful personality too.

A thrilling story by Aleena. I hope you enjoy reading it too.

Tamani created a character using a heart as the face and a variety of other shapes for different features and body parts. How many different shapes can you spot?

Tamani also created this spring-inspired diagram about her favourite season.

Sabiha is showing her amazing climbing skills, don’t worry her mum is right there with her! Sabiha would love to see some of the physical activities her friends are doing. Please remember to only do these when you are with an adult!

Wow, look at this creative way Ayat has used to show number bonds to 20. Can you think of another way of showing them?

A beautiful drawing reminding us all to stay at home and stay safe, thank you Ayat!

Ayat thought of a very clever way of making a teddy without sewing. Can you work out how she has done this?

Friday 3rd April 2020

After a busy week of home learning, Sabiha and Safwan are celebrating by having their own ‘Whoop Whoop Assembly!’ Thank you for sharing this lovely picture, I’m sure it will make all of your friends smile!

Thursday 2nd April 2020

Look at all of the Year 1 spellings that Heba has been learning – WOW!

Wednesday 1st April 2020

Nihat has come up with some great answers for this week’s P4C question. He has also been learning his number bonds to 20 too!

Sabiha has been working on her design and technology skills – these flowers are very beautiful.

Great to see Amira continuing to learn her spellings – keep up the good work!

Tuesday 31st March 2020

Aleena has been working on her number bonds to 20. It is great to see her drawing pictures to help her work out the answers!

Well done for using capital letters and full stops Aleena with your story about Jack and the Beanstalk!

Monday 30th March 2020

Maryam has been working on her drawing skills – what a fantastic portrait!

Manha has also been working with fractions and has written a beautiful letter – well done!

Thursday 26th March 2020

It is great to see that Aaliyah has been working on her phonics at home, keep up the good work!

Tuesday 24th March 2020

Manha has designed an amazing castle at home with her family.

Sabiha has been learning about shadows in science.