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40 thoughts on “Class Chat

  1. Aleena (Hokusai)

    Hello everyone. I hope everyone is having fun at home. I miss you all, especially my best friends Tamani, Maryam, Aairah and more! I can’t wait to see you all again in Year 2.

    I wonder what all of you are up to? Today I had done some fun activities with my big sister, like building with blocks and creating small miniature books! I used to my creative skills and thinking skills. I also talked to my favorite teacher on the phone, Ms Doi-President. It made me very happy! I also completed some of my online homework with my mum. We also made some delicious pizza! Remember everyone, even if you can’t go outside, you can still have fun at home! What are all of you doing? I hope you are all well.

    Love, Aleena

        1. Maria

          Hi Mrs did President and friends I hope you have a wonderful time at home I wonder what your up to love from maria

      1. Maria

        Thank you Aleena. I miss you all to I hope you are all okay and teacher’s I love you all I hope I see you
        guys again in school.

  2. Tamani

    Hi Aleena, thanks for your lovely message and I hope you are well and safe at home. I miss all of you as well hoping to see you as soon as possible. Kisses Tamani.

    1. Sabiha

      Hi everyone hope you all are well. I don’t want to go to year 2 just yet. I really miss my teacher miss Measures the most. I miss all my friends. I wish I could see you all.

      Love from Sabiha

    2. Maria

      Hi everyone I relly want everyone to come to school
      So it can be more fun again byyyyeeee

  3. Ayat

    Dear Kusama,
    Hope you all are fine. I am doing my homework. I am enjoying my days with my parents and sister at home.
    I am missing my friends and Miss Measures a lot.
    Hope I will be back to school soon.

    Thank You

  4. Aleena (Hokusai)

    Hello everyone! I hope you are all well. Do any of you have any exciting plans today? Also, happy April Fools Day? I wonder if any of you are going to do any pranks.. I am certainly going to prank my family, especially my sister!

  5. HEBA

    I miss you all hope you are taking care of yourself i’m just relaxing jus kiding I do pe everyday with liyana

  6. fmeasures

    It’s wonderful to see so many of you using the class chat, remember you can directly reply to your friends using the reply button at the end of each message.

    So you can ask each other questions!

  7. Aairah Hokusai

    Aleena thank you very much for the message I miss you very much too. It is good you are having fun at home with your mum. My mum is keeping me busy too. It is better otherwise we will all get bored. Aleena, tamani, Maryam, Mariah my best friends il always remember you. Right now I am writing a story on Jack and the benastalk. Miss Doi_President we haven’t forgotten you hope your are doing well and family. We all miss you.

    1. Tamani

      Thank you Aairah for sending me that lovely message. I hope you are enjoying and having fun with your family at home. Kisses to all the classmates and to all our teachers. Miss the all school as well. Goodnight by Tamani.

  8. Aairah Hokusai

    Aleena I told my mummy this joke for April’s fool day. How do you calm a lemon, lemonade. I hope you like my joke and hope it made you happy.

  9. Maria

    Also member to wash your hands for 20 secs and keep safe hope to see you guys like tomorrow I miss you guys so much!!!

  10. #heba

    Mrs Measures I finished my daily mathletics. Not the ones you give me, the ones that I do everyday and I just finished it

    1. heba

      I miss you too fatima
      we are making cake we made it on tuesday but we added the wrong flour then it was flat like pancake
      that is why we are doing it again also I keep asking my mum to put it on our work
      did you make anything
      #keepwashinghands 😉
      I miss you all soooooooooooooo muuuuuuuuuch I think I added to many ooooooooo and uuuuuuuu

  11. Fatima

    Hi Everyone at Hokusai and Kusama class,

    Hope you are all well safe and sound. Make sure you wash your hands and stay home.

    I miss my friends Khadijah, Kayla, Heba, Inara and Zayna. I especially miss Ms Doi President 🙂 and hope to see you soon.
    Play with your family and have fun and hope you have a nice easter holiday.

    From Fatima

    1. Inara, Kusama

      Hi Fatima,

      I miss you and all our friends! I hope you stay safe and well.

      Hope you had a lovely Eid with your family.

  12. Ayat

    Good evening everyone. Ramadan Mubarak.
    My favourite den is the pentagon shaped den.


  13. Moumita

    Good morning everyone, I hope that you all are safe at home and taking a good care of yourself.

    Stay safe,

  14. Tamani

    Eid Mubarak to everyone. Have a nice weekend, enjoy the half term, miss you all. See you as soon as it is safe to do so. Love, Tamani.

  15. heba ;)

    By the way I have a frige sorry I mean bangs on my hair
    aisha my baby sister knows her numbers upto 5
    have a nice eid

  16. moumita

    Hope everyone had a good half term holiday, even though we all are stuck at home.

  17. Moumita

    Hello everyone, today I am turning 6!
    It’s Thursday 2nd July 2020!
    Is there anyone’s birthday on July ?


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