Hokusai ‘Star of the Week’ Certificate

brilliant /ˈbrɪlj(ə)nt/ adjective
exceptionally talented

Thank you to the entire class for sharing your exceptional talents with each other and me. We have had a unique year and I have seen you shine throughout. Thank you for making me smile and laugh hard every day! To parents and carers, this is for you too! Your support and openness have contributed massively to the success of our year. Hokusai Class, you have continued to demonstrate respect for your right to education. Your enjoyment of learning is indicative of this! Continue to aspire to be the very best that you can be. Teamwork is key! Enquire as you usually do as you go up into Year 2 and on your journey in life.

“We dream big for ourselves and others.”

Hokusai Class 2019/20

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