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Happy Tuesday Year 1! How was your first week in the World of Work? How many Thomas Bucks do you have in your Bucks account? Total it up before you begin this week’s task and earn a bonus 5 Thomas Bucks.

Here’s a page from my Thomas Bucks Bank Book.

On Wednesday 8th July at 10.00am there will be a live webinar that you can attend. (Login details will be sent out to parents/carers via PIOTA). During the session, you will meet volunteers from the world of work. You will get the opportunity to ask the volunteers yes or no questions and guess what their jobs are.

Pre-webinar activity:

To prepare for the event we would like you to think of some questions to ask the volunteers. Write them down ready for Wednesday!

Draw a picture of what you want to be when you grow up. Think about the following questions

  • How did you hear about the job?
  • What do you know about the job?
  • What subjects does the job use?
  • What skills does the job use?

Key Stage One (Year 1 and Year 2) will have their webinar from 10:00-10:45. To register and join the event, click here

To register on the day, please use the following guidance:

For the ‘First Name’: Enter your real first name. For the ‘Last Name’: Enter ‘ThomasBuxton’ For the ‘Email Address’: Enter a pretend email address ‘’ (this is not a real email address, but a pretend email address is required for you to join.)

Click ‘Register’.

If you are a budding sportsperson this week is Sports Week on BBC Bitesize.

BBC Bitesize will be celebrating with daily activities, advice and tips from professional athletes, and a virtual sports day on Friday 10 July. Each day will focus on a different sporting activity, such as cycling, cricket, gymnastics and football. There’ll also be tips from sports stars like Liverpool’s Harvey Elliott, and Olympic cycling gold medallist Katie Archibald MBE.

You can find out more by clicking here


Here are the front covers of two books. Compare the covers.

  • What is the same and what is different?
  • What do you like or dislike about each cover?
  • Perhaps you could record your ideas by drawing a Venn diagram.

Perhaps you could record your ideas by drawing a Venn diagram. Earn 5 Thomas Bucks for completing this task.

Predict what will happen in each story. Which would you prefer to read and why? You can earn 2 Thomas Bucks for this.

Now read the blurb. This is usually on the back cover of a book. It tells you a little bit about the story.

Does this change your mind about which book you might want to read?

Click here to listen to Tim Minchin’s When I Grow Up


click here to listen to Jon Hales’ When I Grow Up

Answer these questions after reading one of the books above and earn 2 Thomas Bucks for each answer.

  • Who are the main characters in the story?
  • Where is the story set?
  • What adjectives describe the characters and setting?
  • How does the main character feel?
  • What words in the story tell you this?
  • Why does the main character feel this way?
  • When have you felt like this?

Now it’s over to you. Turn the volume down and read along with at least one of the stories above. How did you do? Which words were tricky for you to read. Are there any words you don’t understand. Make a note of these and find out how to read them or what they mean by looking them up or asking an adult. How was your expression? How was your fluency? How does this improve the more you read each story?

Not all books are made just to be read. Listen here to a musical version of When I Grow Up by Tim Minchin. The author of this story is also a composer and performer. Who were the illustrators for each story?

Bonus Reading

Earn 5 Thomas Bucks each time you read or perform a story this week.


A verb is a doing word. If you are not sure whether a word is a verb have a go at doing it! Editing is an important skill for us all. Complete this grammar exercise and then edit the sentences with more exciting verbs. Remember to make sure the tense is consistent.

Earn 1 Thomas Buck for each correct answer.


The Important Thing Is…

What is the subject of this poem? What is the poem about?

This week you are going to write a poem inspired by the world of work using the structure from the poem above. Take a moment to read it, what pattern do you notice?

First, choose a job and brainstorm adjectives that describe the skills needed for the job just like these examples below. Use the knowledge you have gained from the tasks last week and the webinar on Wednesday to help.

Now you can begin to write your poem. First, pick out the most important thing about your chosen job. You will begin and end your poem with this description.

Next, use the template below and Complete the first and last lines with the subject of your poem and the most important descriptor.

After that, choose at least four adjectives or features of your chosen job. Finally, write and publish your poem.

This is my attempt. I’d like to employ you as editors. You’ll need to proofread my poem and check it meets the success criteria below. You will earn 5 Thomas Bucks and a bonus 3 for replying with your corrections.

To be successful I will:

  • Begin and end the poem with the subject and most important characteristic.
  • Choose appropriate adjectives.
  • Begin each line with a capital letter.
  • Check my work.

Earn 10 Thomas Bucks upon completion of this task. (An extra 15 Thomas Bucks if you share your poems with us at

Bonus Writing

  • Do some research about your chosen job and add to your brainstorm.
  • Uplevel your poem by editing the characteristics of the job.
  • Compare both of your poems and share how you think the changes you have made. You.

Receive 2 Thomas Bucks for each point you complete.


Perform your poem to earn 10 Thomas Bucks


Let’s get those maths brains engaged! Your first job of the day is to complete this maths warm up! 1 Thomas Buck for each correct answer!

This week we are going to continue our learning on the value of coins and notes. Click here to join a lesson all about the value of coins and notes. Award yourself 3 Thomas Bucks on completion of this lesson!

Last week you were asked to create your own shop, this week you’re going to work on your skills as a shopkeeper and know how to give the correct change to your customer. Click here to complete the lesson on giving change. Award yourself another 3 Thomas Bucks on completion. If you send us a photograph of a shop you have set up you will get a bonus 5 Thomas Bucks!

To be successful I will:

  • Use my knowledge of number bonds to 10.
  • Use part-part-whole to show my working out.
  • Give the customer the correct change.


In computing this week you are being given the job as a ‘Graphic Design Artist’ this is someone who creates images for things such as posters and adverts. If you are ready to step up to the challenge then read on for your first assignment.

Welcome to your first day as a graphic design artist, as you know after the summer holiday the children who were in Reception will be joining Year 1. That means that they will be using iPads and laptops, so we need to make sure that they stay safe online!

YOUR TASK: Design a ‘Stay safe’ poster for the new Year 1 children. Remind yourself how we stay safe online by looking at the previous computing lessons on this blog such as the SMART zoo from last week and the story of Buddy the Dog. Please take a photograph of your amazing posters and award yourself 5 Thomas Bucks!


Our discussion this week is inspired by World of Work. Watch this episode of What’s the Big Idea? Are any of your dream jobs featured in the episode?

This week’s big question:

What is work?

Use the sentence openers to have a discussion with your families and in the comments below.

  • In my opinion…
  • I agree with… because…
  • I disagree with… because
  • I would like to add…

Write your ideas down and send them to: or in the comments section below.

BONUS BUCKS: You could write a The Important Thing is… poem with work as the subject. Earn 10 Thomas Bucks if you have a go.


This week we will be recapping compound words. Compound words are two words which are put together to make a new, different word.

See if you can pick out compound words in the stories you read, words you hear or places in your home this week.

Now write a sentence for each word. If you are up for an extra challenge, you can have a go at using every word on our list in a story. You can earn 1 Thomas Buck for each sentence you write. Earn 10 Thomas Bucks for a story with all of our spelling words in.


Recap: Last week you set goals for yourself. These may have been long term or short term goal. Take a look at you My Goal sheet and reflect on where you are in the steps to success. Don’t worry if you haven’t completed them all some goals take some time to achieve. Keep going!

Aim: I can tell you how I felt when I succeeded in a new challenge and how I celebrated it.

We are almost at the end of your journey in Year 1. For PSHE this week you are going to reflect on the year.

What is success? How does success make you feel?

Have a go at these fun challenges. Be aware of how you feel and what you’re thinking.

Popcorn and chopsticks/spoon/fork

You can enjoy this challenge with your family. Take it in turns to see how many popcorn kernels you can move from one bowl to another using chopsticks in one minute. Take turns and allocate the role of timekeeper to one member of your group. Now try with a spoon and then a fork.

  • How many peas can you collect in one minute?
  • What are the thoughts you have whilst doing this challenge?
  • How does it feel when you get a pea to the other bowl?
  • How does it feel when it drops?

If you don’t have a pair of chopsticks, try two pencils. I also made some pea-like pieces from scrunched up newspaper. You could do the same if you don’t have popcorn or dried beans.

When everyone has had their turn, check the score and see who has won each challenge. Ask the winners how they would like their success celebrated, e.g. a sticker, applause.

You could scribe/record/video your responses. Use this sentence opener: My favourite way to celebrate success is…

Think about the successes you have had but also times when things didn’t go to plan. How did you overcome these? Every moment is a contributing factor to your successes. You have all demonstrated resilience by adapting to so many changes throughout the year. Well done!

Your task this week is to put together a portfolio of your achievements. You can include copies of your work, certificates you have earned and create memory pages like these below.

Answering these questions might help you identify your achievements this year.

  • What was your favourite part of the school day?
  • What was the kindest gesture you did for someone this year?
  • What was the kindest gesture someone did for you this year?
  • What did you write that you are most proud of?
  • What was something that was difficult at first but easier now?
  • What do you think was the most important thing you learned?
  • Which area of the school/your classroom was your favourite? Why?
  • What was the best day you had this year? What made it the best?
  • What did you accomplish this year that you are most proud of?

Share your accomplishments with us and your families. Let us know how you celebrate them.

You can email photographs of your work or ask any questions by emailing us at

6 thoughts on “World of Work

  1. Aleena (Hokusai)

    My poem goes like this:

    The most important thing about being a policewoman is protecting people.
    They are strong,
    They are kind,
    They are brave,
    And they are always there to help people.
    But the important thing about being a policewoman is always standing up for what’s right.

    1. edoipresident Post author

      What a great start, Aleena! Now for a tough question, which do you think is most important, protecting people or standing up for what’s right? Is there a difference?

      Thank you for sharing your work. Remember to record your Thomas Bucks.

  2. Ayat

    Both story books have the same tittle” When I Grow up”. Both stories has the picture of people.
    The author name were different on these two books.
    First, I liked the Jon Hales book cover because there were whales picture but I have changed my mind when I read the story on the back cover of the book. Now I want to read the story of Tim Minchin’s book.

    1. edoipresident Post author

      Thank you, Ayat. It was interesting to read how your impression of each book changed the more you learnt about each book. If you can, follow the link to watch and listen to an alternative reading of Tim Minchin’s When I Grow Up

  3. Ayat

    # Who are the main characters in the story?
    A Boy is the main character.

    #Where is the story set?
    In his imagination; on the tree, library, school, night time etc.

    #What adjectives describe the characters and setting?
    Tall , brave, smart and strong .

    #How does the main character feel?
    Excited and happy.

    #What words in the story tell you this?
    When I grow up.

    #Why does the main character feel this way?
    The boy feels excited because he wants to do everything, whatever he likes.

    #When have you felt like this?
    I feel the same like the boy everyday.


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