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P4C – Week beginning 30.03.20


Welcome to Animal Town-the place where all animals have jobs!

What jobs do you think would suit the different animals?
Remember to give a reason for your answer.
E.g. I think a giraffe would make a good tree surgeon because…

Now the big question:

Would animals be better off without humans?

Would humans be better off without animals?

Please join in with this discussion and read what others have said, you might want to link or build on their ideas or maybe you might disagree with them.

Here are some sentence starters to use:

I think that..

I agree with…

I understand what you are saying but…

Homework – Week beginning 30.03.20


Number bonds to 20 and Fact Families

Make your own ten frame or click on this link:

Make the different number bonds to 20, then write related Fact families for each.

You could show these by making number bonds using objects, drawing pictures or writing them out: You could even present your ideas on a poster. Let’s get creative with Maths!

E.g. 19 + 1 =20, 1+19=20, 20-1=19, 20-19=1


I hope you have enjoyed reading Jack and the Beanstalk last week.  This week retell the story yourselves. You could act it out, make puppets, or draw pictures to help you. 

It was interesting to hear your opinions on the story. This week we will think about and debate who was right in the story. 

In the story, Jack climbs up the beanstalk, sneaks into the giant’s castle and steals the giant’s hen and his harp. Do you think Jack was right to do this? 

What do you think the giant would say about what Jack did?   

What do you think Jack would say about what he did?

You could have a go at writing what Jack and the giant would say. 

Read The Giant’s Opinion and Jack’s Opinion


The giant was in the right. Do you agree or disagree? Why?

Below is some vocabulary to help you answer:


This week, Year 1 scientists, we’ll be using our observation skills to explore and investigate sound.    

What’s going on? 

Before you watch: 

  • Look at the image, what do you think might happen in the video?
  • What sort of sounds do you expect birds to make?

Watch and listen carefully to the amazing lyrebird.

After you watch:

  • What do you notice about the Lyrebird in comparison to other birds you know?
  • Can you think of any other animals and the sounds they make?


Go on a sound hunt around your house. What sounds do you hear in each room? Can you identify the source of each sound? Record what you observe in any way you like and share what you find.

Have a Go at researching and creating your own musical instruments. Play them along with your favourite songs.

We looking forward to seeing and even hearing how you get on. 

Here’s some inspiration:

Always remember to ask an adult before using something.

Which is the odd one out and why?


Read Write Inc. will be hosting daily live phonics sessions on their YouTube webpage.

Speed Sounds Set 1 – 9.30 am (GMT)

Speed Sounds Set 2 – 10.00 am

Speed Sounds Set 3 – 10.30 am

Phonics Game

Put some objects on a tray, talk about them with your child, then cover them up and see how many they can remember. Have a go at using ‘Fred Talk’ (segmenting) each word. Can you use your Fred Fingers to write a list of the objects you remember?

We hope you enjoy getting creative with your learning this week. We are looking forward to hearing your views and comments about your learning throughout the week. You can talk with your friends on the Class Chat tab on our Year 1 blog page. Take a look at the TB Healthy Lives blog page for ideas on staying healthy and active.

Homework – Week beginning 23.03.20


Miss Measures, Ms Doi-President, Mr Marseglia and Ms Akhter all want these cats! They decide to share them. How many cats will they each get?

You will need:

A collection of objects e.g. LEGO blocks, raisins, buttons, stones

Count out (one set at a time) 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 objects and sort them into two groups to find half of each amount.

Can you see a pattern?

Can you predict what half of 16 and 18 would be?

What happens if you try to halve an odd number (5,7,9)?

Now repeat the activity, this time sorting into four groups, to find quarters.

Make the following amounts:

8, 12, 16, 20

Can you see a pattern?

Can you predict what a quarter of 24 and 28 would be?


Good morning Year 1. We’ve had lots of fun with fairy tales this year. Our next story is Jack and the Beanstalk. I hope you enjoy reading it. What do you like about the story? What didn’t you like? Read it again. The more you read it does your opinion change?

Part 1
Part 2 You can listen to the story using the link below too.


Lab coats and goggles at the ready Year 1. We’re going to make use of our observation and investigation skills this week. A light source is something that makes its own light. What light sources can you spot around you? Have a go at creating your own shadows using a light source and everyday objects. What makes the longest shadow? We’re looking forward to hearing about your investigations

This shadow is made using a torch as the light source and a Lego figurine.

P4C – Week beginning 23.03.20


What words would you use to describe this bird?

This bird seems to be looking very angry.

What has made this bird angry?

Do birds feel the same emotions that we feel?

Please share your thoughts and ideas below this post. We look forward to having you all join in!

Welcome to the Year 1 blog!

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We hope you are all well and enjoying your home learning packs.

We thought we would write this to give you a brief introduction of how the Year 1 blog can help with your learning whilst you are away from school.

Miss Measures and Ms Doi-President will set new Mathletics tasks each week (these will begin at 9.00am every Monday and finish at 3.30pm every Friday) as well as Bug Club activities matched up to your child’s reading level.

Every Tuesday we will be setting a P4C question to discuss with your families, you can also post comments or questions that come out of these discussions in the comments section of the P4C blog. We will also be posting Maths, English and Science tasks each Tuesday. These will be fun, interactive and accessible for all.

Every week, Ms Doi-President and Miss Measures will be checking to see who is commenting on the home learning activity posts on the blog and completing their weekly Mathletics and Bug Club tasks. At the end of the week, your class teachers will be choosing TWO children to receive certificates for excellent home learning!

If you have any questions about home learning, leave a comment below and we will do our best to support you. 😊

* If you have trouble logging into Mathletics or Bug Club, please leave a comment with your name and class so your class teacher can help you.