Monthly Archives: November 2018

Year 1 Science Activities

We have been up to all sorts of exciting science activities in year 1!

We have been learning lots about Autumn and the seasonal changes we can spot all around us! We went and observed one of the trees in our playground and then sketched and labelled it. We were able to discuss: autumnal colour changes, leaves falling from the trees and changes in temperature.

We also went to the secret garden and went on a scavenger hunt, searching for signs of the season!

We have also been very fortunate to have hosted a bonfire party! We went to the secret garden equipped with story books, hot chocolate and tasty treats to learn more about fire and the outdoor environment!

Newton Class – Computing Week!

Newton Class have had a fantastic time learning to program and write scripts for bee-bots this term!

I’m sure you’re wondering what does making a jam sandwich have to do with coding? Well, we learnt the importance of giving clear and precise instructions to Miss Bolton’s robot (who had never made a jam sandwich before!) and the process of debugging a script to ensure that it ran smoothly.


After we’d learnt how to write a simple script and learnt the process of debugging we got started with our bee-bots!

We wrote simple scripts and tested each others! By the end of the week we were able to guide our bee-bots round various tracks and write relevant scripts as an aid.