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As part of our SEAL Assembly we have been discussing the topic of change.

Changes take place all the time. Some changes are so regular that we think they are just normal. Other changes can seem more difficult. They might seem a bit frightening because we are not sure what to expect. Changes such as starting a new class might worry us.

What changes are you looking forward to? Are they changes that make you feel uncomfortable?

We discussed some of the changes that would happen as year 1 and 2 start a new year in a new class.

Year 1 to 2
– new teacher
– new classroom
– SATs
– work will get harder
– homework will be more challenging
– Be more independent
– new furniture

Year 2 to 3
– Different environment
– new playground
– different equipment
– different playtimes
– No afternoon play
– lunchtimes starts at 12.30pm
– lunch to be ate in house teams
– new teacher and adults
– different assembly times