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Recount about Sports Day

Have a read of our day out to Mile End stadium as part of Sports Day …

Today I went on a trip and then we went on sports day. Then we had  plady in the grass Then we had a lunch. Then we went on a long blak web. We had a ches. Then I went on a long jump. Then we went toylet then we did our hand wash. Then we lin up.
Tazbid Alahi

Yesterday we went to milend stadiam so I can learn about sport’s day. my teacher palyed Beat the goaly. I played sack race and long jump. and I didn’t like the game caled beat the goaly and I loosed because I didn’t consotrating. the ball went at the right in the gras. When I played long jump I jumped in the sand. I got my shoes got filed with yeloa sand. I ran with my mum my fairet bit was the long jump.
Maria Ahmed

Yesterday I went to mile end stadium we went by a coach it was fun over there. my partner was masum. My favourite was the wheel baroal race it was fantastic at 12 o’clock we ate lunch the sack race was hard. Then we watch people running after that we went back to school
Maliha Rahman

Remembering Shakespeare

Year 1 studied William Shakespeare (1564 – 1616) and the story ‘The Tempest’ as part of Shakespeare Week.


The Tempest begins with a storm. Year 1 produced art work around the storm.

Year 1, what do you remember about Shakespeare week? What did you enjoy learning?

20140501_165301 20140501_165235 20140501_165253 20140501_165244

Have a look at the letters Year 1 wrote to their mums and dads, as they imagined being on the ship during the storm.

20140501_165105 20140501_165210 20140501_165100 20140501_165112