CRAE’s Change it!

Today myself and Miss Bibi went to the Houses of Parliament to launch the CRAEs project, #homes4children as part of the Change it campaign. I have been working on this project for 4 years with Tufa.

First we went to the Jubilee room and met up with other members of the project. Then we took photographs of the scenery and listened to different speeches by some children who live in temporary accommodation. Finally we listened to a speech Siobon, an MP.  It was an amazing experience where we met many MPs and introduced them to our campaign.

Did you know that adequate housing is a human right and this links with every child’s right to a decent standard of living, which is Article 27 from the UNCRC?

Nearly 45% of families housed in B&B were there in 2017, for longer than 6 weeks.

Help us continue to raise awareness and stop children along with their families from being placed in temporary accommodation for more than 6 weeks.

By Siham (Chile class Yr6)



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