Should goats live on the farm?

We have been reading the book ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff.’ This week in P4C we chose our own question to answer. We had the choice between ‘Should goats live on the farm?’ and ‘Are the goats happy in the farm?’

Most of us decided that goats should live on a farm! Here were our reasons why

‘Goats get fed on the farm everyday’

‘The goats have friends to play with at the farm’

‘People come and look at the goats at the farm and this would make them happy!’

‘They may not find any food if they lived in a forest and then they would die’

‘Goats are not very good swimmers so they couldn’t be near a river’

‘The goats wouldn’t have to go trip trapping over the bridge to find their own food if they were on the farm’

We are getting good at really thinking about our answers carefully and using our own thinking time well.



Can people live in the forest?

Last week in P4C we had a discussion about whether we thought that people could live in a Forest after reading the book ‘The Foggy, Foggy, Forest.’ We looked at this picture.

We had lots of ideas about why people could or could not live in a forest.

“We could live in the forest as long as you there was electricity and a bed”

“We could not live in a forest as there are animals that might eat you”

“We could live in a forest if we had camping equipment, a tent, a bed and some food”

“There are no shops so we can’t live in the Forest”

“We could drive to the shop and get everything we need for the rest of our lives and then go back to the forest”

“We could live there as we could eat all of the plants for dinner”

“You could pull all the leaves together in a tree to give you shelter in the rain and rocks for pillows and leaves for a soft bed”

“People can’t live in the Forest as there are no cars”

“People can’t live in the forest as there are no cushions and sofas”

We are very good at coming up with our own ideas and thinking hard about a question. Next week in P4C we are going to choose our own question to answer.

Who does the bridge belong to?

This week in literacy we have been learning the story of ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff.’

In P4C we explored the question ‘Who does the bridge belong to?’ We talked about is it the Trolls bridge or the goats bridge? We had a brilliant discussion.

Here are some of our ideas.

‘The Troll did not pay for the bridge so it doesn’t belong to him’

‘The troll lives under the bridge and can see and hear who is there so it belongs to him’

‘It is for everyone to cross the river and it doesn’t belong to anyone’

‘It belongs to the Billy Goats Gruff as they need to cross it to eat the sweet green grass’

‘The troll doesn’t deserve the bridge as he isn’t a very nice troll!’

We are starting to learn to agree and disagree with each other and build on each others ideas. We love our P4C sessions.



Pond Dipping

Jemison Class really enjoyed pond dipping in the beautiful sunshine yesterday! We found lots of exciting minibeasts. We learnt that they were mini beasts because they do not have a skeleton like us. After we had finished pond dipping we used magnifying glasses and identification sheets to see what we had found. We then looked really carefully at our trays and drew what we had found. We had a fantastic trip.

Forest School Week 4

We have had a lovely time in Forest School over the last 4 weeks.

This week we made leaf prints on pieces of cotton material. We carefully chose the leaves that we liked, made a pattern underneath the material and used the hammer to bang the leaves and see what happened. We were fascinated when the colours of the leaves started coming through and asked questions such as ‘Why is this happening?’

We made leaf prints on clay too. We looked carefully looked at the patterns that the leaves were creating. We had to work out how hard to press the leaf into the clay as some of them kept breaking but we kept going and finally ended up with a leaf print.

Our favourite activity to do in Forest School is bug hunting. This week we found lots of worms!

As it was our last session at Forest School this week we had a surprise. Mrs Begum brought us in halal marshmallows to cook on the fire. We had a lovely time eating toast and marshmallows and drinking hot chocolate.



Forest School Week 2

This week in Forest School we looked at how the Forest School area had changed from last week. We noticed that lots of leaves had fallen to the ground

‘All the leaves have gone brown and fallen down as they don’t have any food anymore. When they are green they have food’ said Amaana.

We picked up three of our favourite things we could find and talked about why we liked them.

‘I liked this leaf because it’s yellow on the front and brown on the back with spots’ said Ishaq.

We then went off on our own to explore and choose our own activities. This week we decided to go bug hunting again. We wanted to find a way to give the worms a home so we made a wormery. We enjoyed digging and filling the bottles with soil and putting the worms in. We are currently watching them in the classroom to see how they like their new home.

We then collected sticks to make a fire and had some hot chocolate.

Another fun filled week at Forest School.


Forest School

This week in Reception we started Forest School for the first time. We had to learn the Forest School rule ‘No pick, no lick!’

We spent the afternoon getting in our waterproofs and collecting lots of different bugs from the garden. We learnt the names of the bugs and then looked at the differences and similarities between them.

We then decided that the bugs needed food and somewhere to live so we made them a nice little home. We found some twigs and leaves and made them a nice comfy house.

We finished off our session by all having a lovely hot chocolate. We had a great time.


This week Reception went to the farm. We loved looking at all of the animals.  we went in search of ‘The Little Red Hen.’ We found her in a run. We had a conversation about what hens look like and their feathers. We saw two different types of hens and we looked at the differences between them.

‘I loved the farm’ said Heba

‘Why do hens have feathers?’ asked Ishaq

‘How do ducks swim?’ asked Zaynah