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Early Years Home Learning Expectations

Good morning children and families,

It’s Ms Harvey here. I hope you are all staying healthy and calm at home.

I’m going to tell you a bit more about what we are expecting you to do at home and what we will be sharing to help your mums, dads and carers to help you.

  • Please use your home learning packs for lots of ideas for things you can do at home and links to different websites. These are activities that you can do again and again.
  • Every Tuesday we will add a blog post with different learning activities. We may also add other ideas on the blog as well as live blogging about our caterpillars!
  • Don’t forget that most of the day in EYFS is spent learning through play, so you should be playing at home lots. This could be by yourself, with other children in your home or with your family.
  • Try to read lots of books at home. You can read stories with your family and if you are in Reception, you can use Bug Club. If you are in Reception there is also an opportunity to take part in YouTube Read, Write, Inc. lessons: https://www.ruthmiskin.com/en/find-out-more/help-during-school-closure/
  • You can communicate with your teacher through the e-mail address in your home learning pack.
  • We would love to hear about what you’ve been learning at home, please e-mail us pictures.* Each week we will pick a child for a home learning certificate, which will be announced on the blog!

Have a safe and healthy time at home.


*If you do not wish for photos you e-mail us to be shared on the Thomas Buxton website blog please let us know in our e-mail.

Rainbow 5-a-day Challenge Wednesday 15th July

Hello Early Years,

Check out the rainbow challenges for today! Have fun!

Talking- Would you rather…be an amazing painter or a fantastic singer?

Helping Hands- Can you help load the washing machine with clothes to be washed. When they are clean can you hang them up to dry?

Maths- Practice writing your numbers today. Think about where to start and finish your number. You could use your finger in salt/lentils, felt tip pens or even chalk.

Exercise- Strengthen your hand and finger muscles with this fine motor activity. Thread your own necklace using pasta or cut up straws and string.

Discover- Discover what other children cook and eat around the world. Watch ‘My world Kitchen’ on Cbeebies. This episode is all about Tilly and her Swiss brunsli biscuits. You could even have a go at making them yourself. They look yummy!


We hope you have a wonderful day learning together!

The EYFS Team

Nursery and Reception Home Learning 13.7.2020

Hope you had a nice week. We can’t believe that this is the last week of term. We hope you have had fun doing all of our home learning and taking part in lots of exciting and fun activities with your families. We have loved seeing all your pictures.

This week we are thinking about our new classes and our new teachers. What would you like your new teacher to know about you? What do you like doing? What is your favourite colour?

Can you have a go at making and filling in some of these all about me pages? You can make your own on a piece of white paper and use the headings from the pages below. Can you draw and label a picture of your new teacher?

Your new teachers can’t wait to meet you and find out all about you. Don’t forget to bring in your sheets for your new teacher so they can learn all about you.

The EYFS Team

Rainbow 5-a-day Challenge Tuesday 14th July

Good Morning Early Years,

We hope you enjoy the rainbow challenges for today.

Talking- Would you rather…live in the sky or under the sea?

Helping Hands- Can you help dust your living room with a duster or a cloth?

Maths- Practice counting. Watch this big number song. See which number you can count up to? Did you count up to 10, 20 or even higher?

Discover- Ask an adult to help you bake these delicious cookies…Yum yum! See the recipe below:


Exercise- Strengthen all the muscles in your fingers and hands by using pegs to pick small objects up.

Have a great day!

The EYFS Team.

5 a-day Rainbow Challenge

Hope you have had a lovely week doing all of the different challenges. Here are the rainbow challenges for today.

Reading and talking – Can you listen to this book today and then look at the questions below.

Exercise – Can you make up your own obstacle course in your house? You could jump on the spot for 30 seconds, run across your living room 5 times and then do 10 star jumps.

Maths – can you find yourself a piece of string that is 1 meter long and have a go at these challenges.

Helping hands – Can you find your favourite song and tidy up all your toys before the song finishes?

Hope you all have a lovely weekend and enjoy the sunshine

The EYFS team

Rainbow 5-a-day Challenge Thursday 9th July

Hello EYFS,

Here are your rainbow challenges for today. Good luck and have fun!

Talking- Are you looking forward to seeing some of your friends at the ‘Meet the Teacher Day’ next week? Can you talk about what makes a good friend? Think about the different ways you are a good friend?

Exercise- Exercise all the muscles in your fingers and hands with this fine motor activity. All you need is play dough. If you do not have any play dough you can make your own with a few ingredients from your kitchen! See the link below for the recipe:


Maths- Try printing with different objects from around your home. You could use Duplo, cotton buds or a potato masher. You can talk about the shapes that are printed and create your own repeated patterns.

Helping Hands- Can you help water any plants and flowers you have at home today.

Discover- Explore sound by making your own shakers. Put different ingredients from your kitchen inside to see how it effects the sound it makes. Is there a difference between the sound that lentils and pasta make?

Have a great day!

The EYFS Team

Rainbow 5-a-day Challenge Wednesday 8th July

Hello EYFS,

Here are your challenges for today:

  1. Talking- Next week you will be meeting your teachers for September. How do you feel about moving to Reception or Year 1? Talk to someone in your family about what you think it will be like. Maybe you can think of some questions to ask your teachers when you visit next week?
  2. Helping Hands- Can you pour some breakfast cereal and milk for yourself and your family? Don’t forget to get a spoon too.
  3. Discover- Can you do some frozen ice discovery? Choose some small toys (e.g. Lego, small plastic animals, beads?) and then put them in some water and freeze it. How long does it take you to get them out? How can you get them out quicker? How long does it take for the ice to melt on its own? Did you use any tools to help you?
  4. Reading- It’s a wet day. Choose some books and snuggle on the sofa with some books to read and some teddies.
  5. Exercise- For this dancing game you will need some music and a dice. Put the music on, take it in turns to roll the dice and whichever number you land on, look at the pictures below and do the action.

Good luck.

We are looking forward to seeing you next week.

The EYFS Team

Reception and Nursery Home Learning 6.7.2020

Welcome back to another week of home learning. What have you been doing at home? Did you enjoy last weeks blog tasks? If you have any pictures then send them to us so that we can put them up on the blog for everyone to see.

The Dinosaur that Pooped a Planet by Tom Fletcher and Dougie Pointer

This week we are looking at the book ‘The Dinosaur that Pooped a Planet’

What do you think that this story will be about? I know we have lots of children that love both dinosaurs and space in EYFS. Have a watch below and see what you think

Here are some questions to answer from the book

What do you like to do during the day?

What do you think is going to happen when they get to space?

Why did the dinosaurs tummy rumble?

Do you think the moon is made of cheese?

Why did you like/not like this book and why?

Here are some other brilliant dinosaur books to read.

Can you think of any other books about dinosaurs?


Dinosaur Fact Sheets

Can you ask an adult to help you to research different dinosaurs? What is your favourite dinosaur and why?

Can you make a dinosaur fact book with all the different types of dinosaurs in it. Here some examples of dinosaurs you could use.


Counting to and from 20

How did you do adding one more planet each time? Can you write down all the answers using a number sum?

Space Activities

Science Experiment

Hope you have fun with the activities this week. Can you think of any other space or dinosaur activities that you could do?

The EYFS team

5-a-day Rainbow Challenge Tuesday 7th July 2020

Good morning Early Years friends,

How did you get on yesterday? I hope you are enjoying your challenges. Here are your rainbow challenges for today!

Talking- Take a look at these live webcams from Paignton zoo! Drop in on the flamingos or see what the meercats are up to. Ask questions and talk about what the animals are doing.


Maths- As you are walking around your house or out for a walk today look for numbers in the environment. You will find numbers everywhere. Look at lamp posts, shop windows, signs, car number plates and packaging. What is the biggest number you can find?

Helping hands- Put on your favourite song and see if you can tidy up before it finishes!

Exercise- Did you enjoy dancing with Oti yesterday? If you did try this dance session ”Zoom to the moon’!


Mark Making- Make a fun no mess mark making activity using a clear plastic bag, paint and duct tape. First squirt paint into your clear plastic bag (use a recycled one if you can) seal the bag with duct tape so the paint does not come out. Now you can write letters, words and draw using your finger or a cotton bud.

Have fun!

The EYFS Team

5-a-day Rainbow Challenge Monday 6th July 2020

Hello Nursery and Reception children!

We hope you have had a great weekend. Welcome back to another week of rainbow challenges! We hope you have lots of fun with this week’s learning.

Talking- If you could eat one thing every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Reading- One of my favourite stories is ‘I Want My Hat Back’ by Jon Klasson. Watch this puppet theatre performance from Little Angel Theatre. Click on the link below:


  • Did you like the performance?
  • What was your favourite part of the story?
  • What’s your favourite story?

Exercise- For your exercise today, try this dance session with Oti Mabuse. It’s called Instrument Jam! If you enjoyed it you can find more dance sessions on BBC iPlayer. Give them a go!


Cooking- Bake a treat for your family. Try this yummy shortbread recipe. There are only three ingredients: butter, sugar and flour. I made these at the weekend – they were so simple to make and very delicious! Remember to ask an adult to help you.


Discovery- The weather is going to be windy this morning. Have a go at making a wind streamer to take outside. Tie ribbon/strips of material to a milk carton, rolled up paper or a stick. Look at the direction of the wind and see how strong it is blowing.

Good luck with your challenges today. Try to colour every part of your rainbow! Good luck!

The EYFS Team

5 a-day Rainbow Challenge 3.7.2020

I hope you have lots of different coloured rainbows this week and have managed to complete all of your challenges. You could make yourself a pot of gold if you have managed to finish all of the challenges this week.

Here are today’s challenges

Talking – What would you rather be?

What animal would you like to be and why? I would like to be an eagle so that I could fly high above the houses and be up in the clouds.

Exercise – How long does it take you to do these different exercises? Can you get an adult to time you.

10 star jumps 5 press ups 15 marches on the spot 10 squats

Can you think of any other exercises you could do whilst someone times you?

Outdoor fun – Go on an outdoor sound walk and make a map as you hear the sounds around your house. You could draw a picture of the sound or write a label for the sound. What sounds can you hear?

Reading – Can you play 20 questions? Think of a character from a book and the other person has to try and guess what character you are thinking of only asking you 20 questions. You could ask questions such as does he have prickles? Is it a boy or a girl?

Mark Making – What is the first letter of your name? Can you find as many things in your house as possible starting with that letter?

Hope you have fun with today’s challenges.

The EYFS team