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I am very proud to be the Headteacher at Thomas Buxton Primary School. I came to the school in January 2010 and enjoy everything about our school. The children are kind, enthusiastic learners, the families care very much about the school and the staff are the best!

Welcome Back To School. See you on Tuesday 03/09/19!

Are you ready for school?

It’s time to think about coming back to school and  look forward to the learning, adventures, and fun we can share in the school year ahead. For many children, the feeling of excitement about seeing friends and getting to know a new teacher is a challenge to be relished. However, for some  it can be daunting. Below are links to more information which can help you prepare for the return to school as a family.

The Thomas Buxton Primary School team has been working hard over the holidays to get the building clean and classrooms ready for us to begin again in the school year 2019-20. Teachers have planned the curriculum (what you’ll be learning) so that lessons are engaging and challenging for everyone; whether starting Nursery or coming back into Year 6, we will do our best for you all. We have an outstanding team here  (admin, premises, kitchen, leadership, teaching and support staff) who all go the extra mile to help you learn, feel safe and be the very best that you can be. We are ready, are you? 

Take a look at the TBP school website for a reminder about lots of the great things you did last year. There are also details of the school uniform and the dates for the coming school year.

School Cuts Campaign – Pupil Voice in Action

There have been a number of local and national events over the past months to remind us that schools  face serious financial cuts. Three TBP children  have demonstrated great citizenship in making their voices heard about their worries over the cuts and what it means for their education. Firstly, they wrote to Damien Hinds (Secretary of State for Education) to ask that all schools are fairly funded.

He wrote back to say that there is lots of money in schools (but we can’t see where it is).

In September, the children attended a rally (the Big Assembly) where they read their letter to everyone.

Also in September, Headteachers from around the country marched to Downing Street to demand fair funding for all schools.


In October, with other children from E1 Schools, they took thousands of postcards from people in Tower Hamlets to the Department of Education Buildings in central London.




The postcards highlighted the seriousness of the cuts. There they met our Bethnal Green Member of Parliament (Roushnara Ali) and delivered the postcards to Damien Hinds.




We also saw the sights around Westminster.



Westminster Abbey, Downing Street and a hot chocolate treat.

Well done, Pupil Voice in action!



Buxton Town is Open for Business!


In June 2018, Thomas Buxton Primary School was transformed into Buxton Town. Children from Nursery to Year 6 took on a range of jobs to learn about the skills needed for life a different careers. it was also brilliant fun!


The aims of the projects were:

  • To respond to pupil voice (children wanted to know more about the world of work).
  • To contribute to the wider E1 Partnership theme of raising aspirations.
  • For children to learn about money in the context of real life situations.

For two days children were able to try different careers (from archaeology to zoology and lots in between). Thanks to the creativity of staff, parents and visitors, children were able to learn from professionals and then have a go at lots of different jobs. They had to apply for jobs, write a C.V, learn from a job description and then manage the money they earned. Some children chose to go to University and then go into work, other children learned “on the job”.








On the second day they they learned about tax through the PFEG units and how their earnings would be taxed to pay for the things that society needs. Children were given real (plastic!) money and a pay packet to keep their earnings. The fun came in spending that money at the Buxton Town Fair on Friday afternoon. Have a look at the film, photographs and read the Buxton Bugle newspaper to see what happened over those eventful days.

Herbert Smith Freehills – Pro Bono and Community Awards 2018

On Thursday 10th May 2018 we were invited to the 2018 Herbert Smith Freehills  Pro Bono and Community Awards. HSF have been our business partners for almost 20 years and in that time they have read with our children, played chess and provided lots of exciting opportunities for us all (they have hosted certificate ceremonies, allowed us to use their amazing offices for meetings, as well as funded special events in school). It was great to see Sharon Gates be recognised for her significant contribution in organising the partners for Thomas Buxton Primary as well as doing her very busy job at the law firm.  Ms Redpath and Mrs Bahar were also thanked for their part in making Reading and Chess Partners so valuable for our children and fun for the HSF staff too. It was a very special occasion for everyone.