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Computing in Year 3 – Makey Makey!

During the first half of the summer term, Year 3 learnt about circuits and computing using Makey Makey kits!

First, we learnt how to connect bagels to our computers so that we could play with Scratch games by tapping the bagels instead of the computer keys!


Then, we created a song using the Makey Makey piano!


Finally, as a challenge we found a way to connect the whole class so that the circuit was complete.

Can you guess how we did it? How would you use a Makey Makey kit if you had the chance?


Rich Mix and Arthoppers in Year 5 – What a project!

Recently, Year 5 were treated to a very special guest artist who came in to work with them.

Arthoppers, in conjunction with the MOLA timetruck and Rich Mix were able to inspire our Year 5 pupils to create some beautiful artwork all centered around the local history of East London. This was then proudly displayed at Rich Mix over the Easter Holidays and we hope you agree, the work produced really was stunning!

Madagascar class made clay money pots based on old artifacts found in the local area. Check out some of their finished work below!


Kenya class worked on designing and printing a banner which was displayed and used at Rich Mix throughout Easter – again, some really high quality pieces of work! Well done both classes and thank you to Arthoppers, the MOLA Timetruck and Rich Mix!

Our first ‘Booknic’!

What do you get if you cross a book and a picnic? The answer, of course, is a Booknic!

In partnership with the National Literacy Trust, we have been able to ensure that the children in Year 3 and Year 4 have received their second, absolutely free, brand new book!

We had a fantastic turn-out and grown-ups, staff and children all worked together to enjoy a feast of food and a bevy of books! Even the sun came out to join in our fun!

As usual, many thanks to the staff at Thomas Buxton Primary for giving up their time to host this event, and to the National Literacy Trust for providing us with the resources! And children – enjoy your books!











World Book Day and Dress the Door!

On Thursday 1st March, 2018, TBP opened its doors to not only a flurry of snow, but a flurry of books!

As usual, we celebrated by DRESSING UP (both ourselves and the doors!) and remembering the importance of vocabulary and reading! This year, we dressed up as our favourite vocabulary.

World Book Day (written by our School Ambassadors)

Everyone deserves a well done for participating on World Book Day. We know that everyone got a free book from their teacher – so make sure you enjoy them and read them! Most of all well done to all our teachers for making this possible!

Here are some photos of our day – we had a fantastic time and really enjoyed our free books!

TBP’s Reading Sleepover – Thank you National Literacy Trust!

This Monday evening, some lucky children in Year 3 and 4 were able to stay late in school for a reading sleepover!

The children were able to join in with four different activities: a Reading Quiz, a Nonsense Word Hunt, Book Character cake making and choosing their own books to keep (all thanks to the National Literacy Trust and their Young Reader’s Programme!)

At the end of the night, the children all piled into the Junior Hall and settled down with some lullaby music and their new books – so snuggly!

We had so much fun and were blown away by the quality of the books we received – we can’t wait to get our hands on our second books!

Check out some pictures of our night below!

The Tower Hamlets Book Awards!

Today, a small group of avid readers from TBP made the short trip to Canary Wharf to attend the Tower Hamlets Book Awards.

We all had a great time and some of us even met the author Jo Cotterill!

She ended up winning the award so we decided that we are all really good friends with a major celeb!

Take a look at some of the pictures from our day below.

Keep on reading!


National Poetry Day

This Thursday the 29th of September it was National Poetry Day and so at Thomas Buxton, we celebrated like the best of them!

The theme this year was ‘Freedom’ and each class competed within their phase to deliver the best poem in a whole school assembly.

Thursday’s assembly kicked off with a bang as Year 1 recited some beautiful poetry, really setting the bar high for everyone to follow. Luckily, Year 2 and Year 3 were able to keep up the high standards until…a cliffhanger! We had ran out of time!

The next day, all was resumed and Years 4, 5 and 6 demonstrated a fantastic mastery of the spoken word!

After much deliberation, the judges decided on winners for each phase, who were:

Key Stage One: Thailand class

Lower Key Stage Two: Cuba class

Upper Key Stage Two: Kenya class

These classes will all receive special book tokens and certificates to exchange for prizes next week.

However, as all classes put such a magnificent effort in, the judges decided each class will receive a special book token.

Check out the online versions of the poems below!

Well done TBP!