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Erasmus visit from an EU school

We had a visit from pupils from a school in Italy, near Bari.  They came to find out what schools in London are like.

During the visit, we compared what was the same and what was different about schools in Italy and UK.  The students filmed a tour of the school, made a film comparing schools and made a short presentation to explain the differences.  Watch the videos below:

We really enjoyed hosting the students and hope to see them again in the future.

World Book Day 2019

Have a look at some of our wonderful costumes from World Book Day 2019.

We had a blast dressing up and talking about our books and got to do so much reading.  We wish Mrs Flanagan’s reading alarm happened every day!

Have a look at some of our wonderful photos taken by our new school photographer, Rahmah, in Year 5!

Our school photographer also captured pictures of Heng class’s assembly:

Bravery Day!

We are taking part in the Deep Fear project to help us develop our resilience and improve our determination in our learning.  To start this off, we had a ‘Bravery Day’ to raise money for the charity, ‘Committed Project.’

We challenged the children to dress up as people that they thought were brave.  We had suffragettes, public services workers, superheroes and historical figures.

Check out these pictures of our fantastic children and staff:

What we think about Computing

We have been talking to the children about what they have been learning about in Computing so far this year.  We asked the children what they have learnt about in computing lessons and how to stay safe online.

How do you keep yourself safe online?

We also asked about our focus in computing this year.  This year, we will be focussing on ‘debugging’, which is where we find mistakes in code and fix it to ensure that programs work properly.

What jobs do you think ‘debugging’ would be important for?

It was lovely to hear the children’s thoughts about computing. Have a look in our video below: