Black Lives Matter: 500 word story writing Competition!

This week you have the opportunity to enter a writing competition. 500 Words is the world’s largest story-writing competition for children. Past competitions have included themes such as climate change and technology and this week the theme is the Black Lives Matter Movement.

The deadline is 11:59pm on Friday 3rd July 2020. Children must write a story of no more than 500 words that responds to any of the themes surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement.

You can submit your entry here:

Ideas to get you started:

You may consider a narrative that has a theme such as equality, fairness, kindness or friendship, it could be set in a school or on holiday.

You may wish to tell a story that tells a story of achievements made by significant black figures in Science, Maths, Art, Sport or any other subject. The protagonist could be significant figure from real-life e.g. Mae Jemison, Katherine Johnson, Steve McQueen or Muhammad Ali – there are thousand more to choose from or it could be an imaginary person.

You may like to tell a historical narrative that celebrates the contributions made by the Windrush generation or imagine what it was like for people travelling from the Caribbean between 1948 and 1971. What was the atmosphere like on board the ship? What was the experience like once they arrived in England – was it positive or negative?–gcse-immigration-to-london-from-ghana-and-jamaica/z4vs382

You could also tell a story that tells the story of the fight for justice. For example, you might consider the American stories of Rosa Parks or Martin Luther King or you may prefer to focus on a British activist such as Olive Morris: . You may like to tell a story that refers to more recent campaigns for justice e.g. the removal of statues or the returning of objects in museums to their place of origin.

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