Science Week 2019

Science Week landed at Thomas Buxton Primary School last week!

This year’s theme was journeys and transport and the week began with Balloontastic Becky introducing the children to the forces of gravity, friction and centrifugal force through the medium of balloons.

Children were able to help Becky with her experiments and became balloon-certified scientists!

Teachers were also asked to get involved with the experiments – thank you to Ms. Ralph for the participation!

After the assembly each class had the chance to work with Becky to create balloon animals and to learn more about the centrifugal force.

On Tuesday Charles Horsey from Transport for London arrived at school to explain how the city operates using different modes of transport.

After the assembly each class had the opportunity to ask Charles questions about his job and to look at models of trains and buses.

A big thank you to all of the parents and carers that came to the Headteacher’s Coffee Morning on the Wednesday to find out more about how science and design and technology are taught at the school.

After the coffee morning the parents and carers were able to go into their child’s class to view a whole-day’s worth of science or design and technology taking place! Children were asked to solve problems on this day including: how to make a waterproof shelter for an action hero, how to create an Egyptian canopic jar and creating a robot solely out of junk material.

On Thursday the children were able to visit other class teachers and work with other children from different year groups to complete a whole-range of science investigations. The children had the chance to create different types of flying machines, the chance to explore how far “germs” (water) can travel, learn about sinking and floating objects to creating shadow puppets for a shadow theatre puppet show!

A big thank you to Nurse Harriet from Great Ormond Street Hospital for coming in on Friday to discuss with the children “a day in the life of a nurse.” Harriet was able to inspire many of the children to think about a career in medicine for when they are older!

After all of the hard work and successes over the week in science,  Science Week ended by hosting a Science Exhibition to all parents and carers.  A big thank you to all of the children that volunteered to run the stall for their class. A huge thank you to all of the parents and carers that turned up too!



Year 1:

Year 2:

Year 3:

Year 4:


Year 5:

Year 6:

A huge congratulations to the following children for winning Thomas Buxton’s Science Week poster competition. The children were asked to create a science poster related to the theme of journeys and transport.

Year 1: Zafir and Eiliyah

Year 2: Sumaira and Naila

Year 3: Usman and Yusuf

Year 4: Enayah and Jannatal

Year 5: Tahia and Miraj

Year 6: Tania, Fariha and Saarah.

See some of their fantastic posters below:

What was your favourite part of Science Week?

Let us know in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “Science Week 2019

  1. Fariha, yr6 Hawking

    My favourite part was science week was making the Journey poster with my friends.

  2. Saarah (Hawking)

    My favourite part was creating a journey poster with my friend. Also, I enjoyed doing a shadow puppet and I’m looking forward to putting on a play for year 1 about Little Red riding Hood.


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