School Cuts Campaign – Pupil Voice in Action

There have been a number of local and national events over the past months to remind us that schools  face serious financial cuts. Three TBP children  have demonstrated great citizenship in making their voices heard about their worries over the cuts and what it means for their education. Firstly, they wrote to Damien Hinds (Secretary of State for Education) to ask that all schools are fairly funded.

He wrote back to say that there is lots of money in schools (but we can’t see where it is).

In September, the children attended a rally (the Big Assembly) where they read their letter to everyone.

Also in September, Headteachers from around the country marched to Downing Street to demand fair funding for all schools.


In October, with other children from E1 Schools, they took thousands of postcards from people in Tower Hamlets to the Department of Education Buildings in central London.




The postcards highlighted the seriousness of the cuts. There they met our Bethnal Green Member of Parliament (Roushnara Ali) and delivered the postcards to Damien Hinds.




We also saw the sights around Westminster.



Westminster Abbey, Downing Street and a hot chocolate treat.

Well done, Pupil Voice in action!



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