Get active!

Have you seen our fantastic new art? Year one and two worked with an artist to create these brilliant outdoor murals. They have been designed by the children in a pop art style and are words to encourage active play in the key stage one playground. Check them out on your way through the school.

Summer art morning

This morning we have had an art morning in collaboration with St Anne’s School. Each year group studied a different artist and then created some work inspired by their work. There were some really exciting activities happening, from soap sculpture to spots! Check out future posts with more examples of the art we created.


Nursery created pictures using natural objects. We looked at the work of Andy Goldsworthy.


Year 1 were looking at the artist Antony Gormley, they created figures using large paper and tape.


Reception went spot crazy like Yayoi Kasuma. They used different media to create a spotty installation.


Year 6 created soap sculptures inspired by Barbara Hepworth.


Richard Long was the inspiration for Year 3. They used stones to create a ‘journey’.


Year 5 made hanging sculptures based on the work of Alexander Calder.

Year 4 cut out letters to create a piece inspired by Jaume Plensa.


Year 6 Vikings

In year 6, the children have been learning about the Vikings. They studied Viking brooches and created their own designs. They had to plan them carefully, using ideas from the original brooches, such as repeated patterns, shapes and styles.The children used a technique called embossing to create their own design. This meant drawing their design onto some very soft metal in order to leave an indentation.

IMG_0758[1] IMG_0767[1] IMG_0770[1] IMG_0776[1]

Year 4 Mosaics

IMG_0755[1] IMG_0757[1] IMG_0756[1] 

Year 4 have been learning about the Romans. They looked carefully at the mosaics that the Romans created and then made their own. First they designed their mosaic, then used small tiles and grout to complete their design.