Making slime!

A big well done to all of our Autumn term’s Pick and Mix winners.

Anthony from FizzPopScience came into the school to host a “Crazy Chemical” workshop.

The children learned how to test different chemicals as an acid or an alkali.

They also learned how objects can change in colour, state or temperature.

To end the workshop the children had the chance to create some disgusting slime!

Science Opens Doors workshop

A big thank you to the “Science Opens Doors” company for working with our parents, carers and pupils on Thursday 14th November.

The children had the opportunity to learn more about different science careers and the importance of STEM jobs.

Then the science investigations began! The children had the chance to complete four scientific experiments with their parents and carers.

Class charters 2019

At Thomas Buxton, we start each year talking about our rights, as set our in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). Each class produced a lovely display linked to their class rights and their class artist. Have a look at some of the photos taken by our Year 6 photographer:

Our beautiful book corners

Reading is such an important part of school life for us here at Thomas Buxton. The children love reading and they love going to the book corners to choose a new book or read an old favourite. Have a look at some pictures of our lovely book corners here, taken by our Year 6 photographer:

Save our planet!

Thomas Buxton Primary School joined in with millions of people from around the world today to march for urgent action on climate change reforms.

Each class created a placard in support of “climate justice” after spending the week learning about climate change and the ways to reduce the carbon footprint at school and at home.

Children from years 1 to 6 were all part of the march, chanting save our planet, save our earth, save our seas. They look after you, they look after me!

The march ended in the school playground where motivational speeches led by some of the school’s 24 Eco-Ambassadors took place.


World leaders will meet at the United Nations next week to discuss climate change.

Welcome Back To School. See you on Tuesday 03/09/19!

Are you ready for school?

It’s time to think about coming back to school and  look forward to the learning, adventures, and fun we can share in the school year ahead. For many children, the feeling of excitement about seeing friends and getting to know a new teacher is a challenge to be relished. However, for some  it can be daunting. Below are links to more information which can help you prepare for the return to school as a family.

The Thomas Buxton Primary School team has been working hard over the holidays to get the building clean and classrooms ready for us to begin again in the school year 2019-20. Teachers have planned the curriculum (what you’ll be learning) so that lessons are engaging and challenging for everyone; whether starting Nursery or coming back into Year 6, we will do our best for you all. We have an outstanding team here  (admin, premises, kitchen, leadership, teaching and support staff) who all go the extra mile to help you learn, feel safe and be the very best that you can be. We are ready, are you? 

Take a look at the TBP school website for a reminder about lots of the great things you did last year. There are also details of the school uniform and the dates for the coming school year.

Thomas Buxton Carnival of invention 2019

To celebrate the wonderful year we have had at Thomas Buxton, we ended with a ‘Carnival of invention’.  Each class was given a colour and a theme and the children created their own incredible costumes.  The children made costumes based on shapes, robots, buildings and living things.

We had a fantastic time parading through Allen gardens with a samba band.  We then made our way onto the playground and enjoyed the samba band before Mrs Flanagan organised a dance competition.  Finally, we were lucky to be joined by the parents for some party food.  It was a day to remember!


Wellbeing Week 2019

Last week our school had a big focus on well-being, both physical and mental health which are essential to learning.

We all started the week with an exhilarating skateboarding or scooter workshop with Sam who taught us how to stay healthy through this adventurous sport. Some of us even tried out some tricks!

As well as this, every class had the opportunity to make a healthy snack including:

  • Fruit pizzas,
  • Vegetable cous cous,
  • Vegetable wraps or
  • Tomato salsa.

We learned that these snacks are easy to make and are much healthier than chocolate!

After we had all taken part in PE and our regular Daily Mile on the new track, we decided we needed to think about our mental well-being.

On Wednesday we took part in “drop everything and get mindful!” Throughout the day we had designated times to spend reflecting, de-stressing or generally calming ourselves down. This was through mindfulness activities and yoga.

Finally, we spent some class time discussing the zones of regulation. This is a technique we can use to help regulate our emotions and stay focused on our learning. We also suggested ideas to friends to help them get back into the green zone!

However, it wasn’t just the children getting healthy this week! It was great to see some of our parents striving to live healthier lives through Mum’s and Father figure’s football as well as helping their children at our weekly sports clubs.

What was your favourite activity during well-being week?

Leave a comment!

Erasmus visit from an EU school

We had a visit from pupils from a school in Italy, near Bari.  They came to find out what schools in London are like.

During the visit, we compared what was the same and what was different about schools in Italy and UK.  The students filmed a tour of the school, made a film comparing schools and made a short presentation to explain the differences.  Watch the videos below:

We really enjoyed hosting the students and hope to see them again in the future.

World Book Day 2019

Have a look at some of our wonderful costumes from World Book Day 2019.

We had a blast dressing up and talking about our books and got to do so much reading.  We wish Mrs Flanagan’s reading alarm happened every day!

Have a look at some of our wonderful photos taken by our new school photographer, Rahmah, in Year 5!

Our school photographer also captured pictures of Heng class’s assembly: