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Anti-Bullying Week 2018 - Carson


Madiha Tamana sister - WE ARE GOING TO WIN

Kaiser - We done pretty good!

Sulaiman carson - Well done to every one

Tahmidul - Cooooooooooooool

Zainab hawking - Well done sulaiman

Zainab hawking - well done!!!!

Sulaiman carson - Well done to every one keep it up!!!!

Mr Rebelo - Outstanding!
Well done to the best class of the century.

Ronya Dawans sister - My little brother Dawan is amazing keep it up i hope his class will win so they could go ice skating and by the way my little brother Dawan has never went ice skating so when he gets home i will tell him if it was fun.

Madiha Tamana sister - This is a spectacular video, I love it, it is the best in my whole entire life.

Dawan - Wow I actully think we done pretty good. [and by the way keep it up maybe other people can choose RESPECT]love it.

Sanjeeda - Wow Saihaan, nice to see my little brother.

Saihaan - Fantastic class Carson class

Saihaan - Best class in the world

Naira - Well done us. We had done our best.

Suraiya ( Colombia/maria's sister) - That was amazing ! Keep on respecting others, be kind to one another and never bully others. Keep up the good work

Khadija - Good job Carson keep the good work 😀🙂 amazing job

Suraiya(Maria's sister) - Well done Carson we are very proud and I hope you win

Sulaiman potter class - Nice work

Tawhida - Got to admit,that was pretty good.

Saihaan - Brilliant work carson class keep it up

Iqra.w - Well done Carson!😏

Ms Zinath Begum - I like the message Carson - We Choose Respect! Well done.

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