Our Work

Our Year 6 students playing a game of social-distanced football!

Ruben has been researching different Victorian Inventions.


This is the multi purpose cane. It contains aΒ  magnifying glass, an umbrella, a flute and what looks like a measuring tape and many more devices

This is the pledge altar.

It would be given as a gift and suddenly, as the person being pranked said a pledge a skeleton would pop up and squirt water in there face

Check out Rahim’s shape poem about chocolate!

Shaek demonstrating that he can convert between measurements.

Aidah’s Victorian Comprehension has been written in full sentences and beautiful joint handwriting.

Look at Ibrahim’s poster explaining the life cycle.

Look at Nora’s poetry and science work.

Umar has been practicing his spellings this week!

Rahmah has created her own diagram for the life cycle of a plant.

Nora has written a poem about life’s journey.

Annan sorted out the measurements, placing them in the correct column.

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Rahim has written a short, but sweet poem!


Thank you to everyone who has been sending in work this week! There was a lot to choose from. Here are some of the highlights. Keep sending!!

Ruben has spent his time creating his own stop motion animation! This requires a lot of time and patience, as well as editing! We look forward to seeing more of your creations, Ruben!!

Umar took time this week to write his thoughts regarding the recent death of George Floyd and researched why it is important to treat people fairly. Star of the week.

From one of our stars of the week, Annan! Keep it up!

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Read Rizwan’s poem he wrote this week! Decisions, decisions!

Charlie has been practicing his algebraic skills and demonstrating his artistic skills. Fiery!

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Humayrah has created a timeline of Victorian inventions. Can you recognise any that we still use today?

Nuha has created a non-chronological report about the Human Body. I wonder if she will become a doctor…

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Perfect scores for Nuha this week! Keep practicing those spellings!

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Did you get the same answers as Shaek in Maths and English this week?

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Rahmah has created a conversion poster using word.

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Affan has created a history report about WWII and completed his own research. Have a read!

Charlie has been playing maths games with his brother, completing grammar activities and found time to play cricket outdoors!

Simplifying fractions snap

Ibrahim has drawn a mind map explaining what history is and testing how solids react to different water temperatures.

Rahmah completed her maths task using Paint to present her work.

Rahim has been using diagrams to show his maths calculations.

Rizwan has written a report explaining the significance of Black History Month

Najib has been completing a historical timeline and comparing times today to the Victorians.


Look at Rahim’s responses to the science task. Did you get the same answers?

Check out Rahmah’s Turpin inspired art work!

Nuha has completed ALL of her CGP books! Here is a clip of one that she has completed!

Xavier has been keeping fit by cycling and learning a new skill: baking! Yum!


Rizwan and Charlie have both completed this week’s reading task.

Charlie’s work
Rizwan;s work

Umar has been practicing his handwriting, spellings and written a setting description.

Ibrahim has completed research about the different planets.


Here is Rahim demonstrating how to conduct the experiment.

Shaek’s explanation when completing his science experiment!

6th May 2020

Rizwan sent us his science experiment with his explanation. Well done, Rizwan!

5th May 2020

Charlie has been exploring some new topics at home including The Ancient Egyptians, imports and exports, and bar graphs! Maybe you can teach Mr Hodges a few things about business!

Thank you for sending your maths work in, Rahim!

1st May 2020

Nuha has been busy developing her reading skills…

Charlie and Alfie spent some time outside learning about wildlife!

Charlie did some experimenting with Orbeez balls… we could re-create this in class!

30th April 2020

Thank you, Rahim, for sending your life-cycle of flowering plant!

Rahim has shown how methodical he can be with his maths work, well done!

Umar has been working hard on his understanding of quadrilaterals, especially the internal angles of some of these polygons! Well done, Umar!

Rahim sent us a friendly reminder to think about the kinds of healthy foods we could eat at home… Thank you, Rahim!

Najib has sent us his spelling, maths and history work – well done!

Rayan planned her history work with a mind map before writing her final piece – well done!

Rahim has been working hard on his English, Maths and History:

Aidah also joined in with some baking! Fantastic!

Umar has been working hard on all of his home learning tasks, he sent us some photos of his reading and his spellings!

Rayan has been busy with her reading tasks – well done1

Arisha has also been busy baking! Thank you for sending your photos in!

Charlie has also been coding and baking at home! Keep up all your fantastic work, Charlie!

27th April 2020

Shaek has been coding at home! Well done, Shaek!

Charlie has been practicing his weekly spellings.

24th April 2020

Umar has calculated the missing angles in quadrilaterals.

Najib has been researching historical facts about Ibn Battuta!

7th April 2020

Nuha sent us some photos of the baking she’s been doing – looks delicious!

Nuha also sent in some of the written work she’s been doing:

4th April 2020

Arisha sent us her fantastic self-portrait too! Well done, Arisha!

Thank you, Charlie – your self-portrait is great!

Aidah sent in her fantastic self-portait! Well done, Aidah!

3rd April 2020

Thank you, Nuha, for this fantastic illustration and reminder to us all!

2nd April 2020

Thanks for your P4C work, Aidah! I like how you’ve linked it to a real-life experience!

Aniqah has sent us a short story – I love the cliffhanger ending!

31st March 2020

Umar has sent us a poem, which encapsulates how he feels about the world at this moment. What a fantastic piece, Umar. Well done!

30th March 2020

Charlie sent us what he thought of the poem, ‘Leave the Whales Alone, Please!’

Well done Rizwan – I like how you’ve used “This implies…” and “I predict…”.

27th March 2020

Thank you for sending in more of your reading work, Nuha:

26th March 2020

Rahmah sent us an illustration of her character – great!

Charlie sent in his English work – well done!

Rayan sent in some of her extra maths work:

25th March 2020

Here’s Nuha’s impressive punctuation and grammar work:

Here’s Aniqah’s illustration – great to see you getting creative! Keep it up!

Here’s Affan’s letter to his ‘Anonymous Hero’ – well done, Affan!

Here is some of Mahdi’s maths and English work that he’s done (well done, Mahdi):

23rd March 2020

Here is Rayan’s writing task in which she wrote a letter thanking the Rocketer for saving her life. Well done Rayan!