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Year 6 Adventure Island

Last Friday, the Year 6 pupils visited Adventure Island in Southend to celebrate their hard work and mark the end of their time at primary school.

The pupils had an amazing time and built upon the resilience and bravery they developed whilst at residential back in October. It was fantastic to see children encouraging each other and supporting one another to be brave and have a go!


Year 6 Interfaith Week: London Buddhist Centre Visit

Today, the Year 6 pupils visited the London Buddhist Centre on Roman Road to learn more about the Buddhist faith. On entering, pupils noted the calm and relaxing garden which featured a water fountain and the friendly atmosphere.

I learnt that Buddhists don’t worship Gods but instead worship people who are Enlightened. To be enlightened you must be the most positive version of yourself that you can be. Maliha

The meditation was really enjoyable because I was able to calm myself down and relax. The sounds of the bell were made the experience calming and surreal. Ibrahim


BMX Show at Thomas Buxton

This morning TBP was visited by Matti Hemmings, a professional flatland BMX rider and 3 x Guinness World Record holder. He and his partner Andrew performed an amazing display of stunts and tricks which wowed the children from Nursery to Year 6. Matti was impressed with the effort the children have been making to travel sustainably into school and reminded them to wear helmets and high-visibility clothing.

‘I’m inspired to cycle more after seeing Matti’s tricks!‘ – Year 5 pupil

Bling your bike!

Wow Thomas Buxton! The Junior Travel Ambassadors were blown away by the effort pupils made in decorating their bikes and scooters for the Bling your bike competition. Here are some of the entries below. The winner will be announced during assembly on Friday.

The Big Pedal

Today was the first day of the two week Big Pedal challenge and according to the data collected by the Junior Travel Ambassadors, over 280 pupils and staff walked, cycled or scooted into school today! This is a great start and hopefully these numbers will continue to rise as the challenge continues.

The JTAs chose their first ‘Golden Padlock’ winner:

Remember that data will be collected every day and entered into the national Big Pedal competition. On Wednesday it is ‘Bling your bike/scooter’ and prizes will be awarded for the ‘best-dressed’ bicycle, scooter or skateboard. The theme is Spring/Summer. We look forward to seeing your entries!

Science Week!

In science week we have been participating in lots of investigations and making exciting new discoveries! Here is what some of our year 6 children have to say:

‘In science week we have accomplished many things – including making bridges out of paper, creating shadow puppets to retell the story of Little Red Riding Hood and also Jack and the beanstalk and many more exciting challenges that have given our brain a workout!’ – Adyan ​

‘We made shadow puppets with movement and experimented with making different shadows. We also used torches to test materials to see if they were opaque, transparent, translucent or reflective. I love it when we do experiments!’ – Khifaaya

Creating computer games

As part of their Computing learning for Autumn 2, Year 6 explored how to create their own games. They investigated how to create a times table game and a racing game. Although many pupils started off by finding lots of errors in their programme, they were able to test and debug their scratch coding. They showed perseverance and worked collaboratively.

It was a fun and challenging session. What do you learn from creating your own games Year 6?


Mendel Ice Skating Reward

As a reward for their powerful and creative anti-bullying video which sent out a strong message, Mendel class went ice skating today at the Tower of London.

Although many of the class started off by holding onto the side of the rink, by the end of the session everyone had let go and the children were skating around independently. The pupils demonstrated high levels of resilience by not giving up and also superb collaboration by supporting each other and by (literally) lending a hand to one another.

What a fantastic afternoon we had Mendel class! What made you proud of yourself today?

Adaption and Evolution in Year 6

In Year 6 we’ve been learning about adaptation and evolution. During this topic we’ve discovered how various animals – such as the iguanas on the Galapagos islands – have adapted to their habitats. To explore this further, we undertook an experiment in which we simulated being birds with different sized beaks. Our food source was small mung beans. This showed us that animals with particular characteristics (such as a smaller beak for eating the small beans) were better suited to their environment and therefore would be more successful at reproducing young with that same characteristic. Unfortunately, in our experiment, the birds with the largest clip beaks found it trickier to eat the food source and therefore died out!  

Year 6 Junior Citizens Trip

This morning, the Year 6 pupils visited the Ecology Centre in Mile End to participate in a citizenship workshop led by the Metropolitan Police, the London Fire Brigade and Transport for London.

There were seven different scenarios which the children were exposed to including theft, staying safe on the buses and tubes, being aware of stolen or fake goods in a market and fire. They even learnt about protecting wildlife and what to do in emergencies!