P4C task

In this video, the children are giving the robot specific instructions in order to complete a task. Think about times in your life when you have had to follow instructions. At home, at school, when completing a task. Think about these times when discussing the questions below:

How important is it to follow instructions?

Why are instructions given?

2 thoughts on “P4C task

  1. Rahim

    it is very inportent because if you were lost then you would have to ask for insiructions

  2. Affan

    i think that instructions are very beneficial because for example if you get a new game console then they have manuals to help you learn how to use it without the manual you cant turn it on and you cant play it. There are other times where you need instructions like when you are in class in a lesson you are instructed because if you werent then you wouldn’t know what to do.


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