Year 6 Homework w/b 11.05.20

Maths Task

Have a go at these warm up challenges:

Main Task:

You could cut some triangles from paper or you could use the link below to see an interactive version of the problem:

Remember, you can use this website to practise your times tables, division facts and square numbers:

Reading Task

Here are 2 short extracts to read and answer:

Writing Task

Watch this short film:

Stop the film at 30 seconds. Write a description of the setting that you see. If you can’t access the film, here is a screenshot:

Success Criteria:

Use powerful adverbs and adjectives to describe. Can you use hyphens to describe the buildings? Example: Jenga-like towers? Use short sentences to show tension (you could even use one-word sentences or paragraphs, like we’ve done in class). Can you use the weather to show the mood?

Remember, you can use to help you up-level your vocabulary!

Pause the film again at 5.20. Can you write another description of the action you just watched? Here’s my example:

The lone biker swerved, skidded and came to a halt. Anxiously, he turned to look behind him. On the ground were the two contraptions that had been sent to attack him. His plan had worked. The cylindrical robots lay motionless on the ground a few metres away; their red and orange lights had now dimmed to black. Who made these monstrosities? Why were they attacking him? He took a deep breath. Relieved and satisfied, he had defeated the drones, for now.

His mind couldn’t forget what he saw. That micro chip… what did it mean? Could it be his ticket out of here? He needed to return to explore but how could he risk running that kind of gauntlet again? Isolation. Frustration. Anger. His emotions surrounded him… but he knew he had to fight on. He turned the key in the ignition of his bike… IT was waiting for him. IT had found him.

Science Task

Use the fact cards below to research our solar system and present what you know! You could write some paragraphs, create some graphs, draw some diagrams, create a powerpoint presentation or a short film (I know some of you have been enjoying making some stop-play animations). Remember, you can use the Swiggle search engine for child-appropriate information:

Spelling Task

Words containing the letter string -ough (different sounds)
1)     Though
2)     Thought
3)     Thoughtful
4)     Although
5)     Through
6)     Thorough
7)     Bought
8)     Bough
9)     Brought
10)  Borough

Can you:

a) Use the word in a sentence
b) Write a definition of the word
c) Find a synonym and antonym for the word

(Tip: If you do use a dictionary, try to put it into your own words)

Rights Respecting Article

Article 14 – I have the right to have my own thoughts and beliefs and to choose my religion with my parent’s guidance.

Here are some activities to get you thinking about your own thoughts and beliefs:

10 thoughts on “Year 6 Homework w/b 11.05.20

    1. dhodges Post author

      Experiment with where you can put the triangles, Ibrahim – there’s definitely more than 1 shape you can make.

      Mr Hodges

  1. ibrahim

    reading task
    1.the robots drive hover-trains, serve in holographic-restaurants, and even teach in virtual-schools.
    2. that they are made technology.
    3. robots are becoming increasingly infuriated with their place in society.
    4. they will teach humans by showing things that they can not do and then the humans will know that robots are good

  2. ibrahim

    reading task 2
    1. in 1930s
    2. combatant and hand-to-hand.
    3.he was later given an invisible, strong exoskeleton to protect him further.
    4. I think is the anaconda because he is immortal and he was given strong exoskeleton.

  3. Shaek

    English task

    1) the jobs robots do are serve in holographic restaurants, teach in virtual schools and drive hover trains

    2) holographic restaurants and virtual schools tells me that in 2053 that there will be a increase in technology and that children are receiving better education

    3) it says that the robots will make them realise and it says they will teach humans a lesson

    4) they will start a war against the humans were they destroy buildings and many innocent will lose their lives
    It will be called the omnic uprising

    Omnics are a robot built with artificial intelligence

  4. Parmita

    Maths task:
    I came up with 5 different shapes.

    Reading task:
    Robot revenge
    1. Robots jobs are to drive hover trains and serve in holographic restaurants and even teach in virtual schools.
    2. Holographic restaurants are 3 dimensional restaurants.
    3. The two phrases are ‘ increasingly infuriated’ and ‘ revenge on humans’
    4. The robots will make them realise that they are their assistants.

    Superhero facts
    1. Late 1930s
    2. The two words are battling and tackling.
    3. I think anaconda is not immortal because he is able to heal his own wounds.
    4. I think anaconda because he is able to heal his wounds and he has an invisible, strong exoskeleton.

  5. Affan

    Right respecting task: I think that everyone should respect each others religion ; it would be better for humans because religion keeps you from doing bad actions such as drinking alcohol, smoking and wars. I also think that people with religons should make fun of people with no religion because no human on the earth is allowed to control what skin color we have or what religon we are. Presidents and prime ministers have a lot of power and they can do what ever they want yet they treat us all equality.

  6. Affan

    I think the place looks like an ancient abandoned Spanish place from around the time of the 1500s. There is a lot in there yet to be discovered so it looks very intriguing.


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