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On Friday 8th May, nations around the world will mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day. On this day 75 years ago, fighting against the Nazis came to an end during World War II.

Why is it important to remember WWII? Discuss below.

5 thoughts on “P4C Task

  1. Charlie

    It is very important to remember because it is one of the biggest war in man history and many lives were lost so they could protect not only our country but the world. Also it is important to remember the people who fought in the war and put their lives at risk for us

  2. Affan

    I think it is important to remember world war 2 because of the lives lost and how different our future could have been if the Nazis won the war. Nowadays we can see a clearer image of how the war impacted the world because we have films, tv shows and games based on the war. The war was a long time ago and there are barely anyone to tell the story because most of them have died by now. Many people may think it was just a fight, but it was a political war. Hitler wanted to take over Europe and give terror to Jews but then his plans failed. We would not live in a safe, friendly environment if the Allies hadn’t won the war.

  3. rahim

    We should remember VE day because many people had fought and died so we should remember them.

  4. rahim

    we should remember WWII because so many people put there lives at risk for us so we should remember them.

  5. Abdulwahab

    We should remember VE Day because it’s an important part of history which many soliders lost their lives including many innocent civilians.


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