Week 1: Reading and Maths Answers

Reading answers

1. Here are some of your responses for question 1. Well done to all of you for using evidence from the blurb and cover to support your answers.

I predict that in the story Alex gets forcibly rescued by an agency that works for a crime group and what Alex on their team but he plans to escape them on one of their vehicles and tells the police. Tahmeed

I think there is a vicious group and Alex has to face them before moving on to the actual mission. That group is trying to convince Alex to join them. Parmita

It says ‘Action, adrenaline, adventure’. This implies that it is an adventure story. Rizwan

2. Forcibly recruited means that you do not have a choice and have been told to do a job/mission.

3. Alex’s life is in danger because he knows something the shouldn’t and could be killed for what he knows.

4. Working for MI6 as a super-spy.

Maths Answers

There are 8 girls in total.

1 girl has red hair.

5 girls play sports at the weekend.

3 girls speak 2 languages.

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