Year 6 Celebration Certificates!

Happy Friday Year 6!
Congratulations to the following children from Turpin and Cezanne:
Nuha – Well done for engaging with all of our learning this week – you have shown particular independence in revising all of your grammatical knowledge! Well done!
Jumaymah: You have consistently logged onto Mathletics and improved your mathematical understanding all week. Well done!
Mahdi – You have engaged fantastically with our learning this week; you’ve responded to maths challenges and even set Mr Hodges some tough maths challenges in return! Well done!
Rayan – You have worked hard all week, persevering when you’ve found tasks tough and asking questions to ensure you understand the task. Well done!

Keep up the good work, everyone!
Miss Dankwa and Mr Hodges

8 thoughts on “Year 6 Celebration Certificates!

  1. achau

    Well done everyone for all the learning you have been doing at home! It has been fantastic to see you engage with the tasks and also send in your work. Remember to respect your own right to relax and play too! There are lots of activities you can do at home which are creative and fun.
    Miss Chau

    1. Affan

      charlie it is not that bad you can still talk to some people on ps4 and if you want to see their faces then just skype them


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