Week 1: Y6 Blog Activities

  1. Reading task

Look at the front cover and blurb of Anthony Horowitz’s book. Answer the questions below. The answers will be posted next Monday.

1) Look at the front cover: make a prediction about the story by using the title and the images on the front of the book.
2) Read the blurb. What does ‘forcibly recruited’ mean?
3) What ‘mortal danger’ do you think Alex Ride could be in?
4) According to the text, what is Alex Rider’s first mission?

2. Writing task

  1. Write a letter from the small boy thanking the Rocketeer for his help.
  2. Design an enemy for the Rocketeer to defeat. Label the different defence mechanisms that it has. Explain why it is the Rocketeer’s enemy.

3. Maths Task

There are 24 children in James’ and Robbie’s class.
There are twice as many boys as girls.
One sixth of the children have red hair.
One quarter of these are girls.
Five eighths play sport at the weekend.
One third of these are girls.
One quarter of the children speak at least two languages. Half of these are girls.

Write or draw what you know about the girls in James’ and Robbie’s class. Use bar models to help you show your answer. Send us your answers and we will post next week!

4. Science Task

All you need:

  • Plastic comb
  • Running tap water
  • Clean hair or a cotton cloth

Brush the comb through your hair 10 times or rub against a cotton cloth 10 times.
Place the comb next to the running tap.
Watch what happens to the water.

  1. What happens to the water?
  2. Why do you think this has happened?
  3. Will the temperature change the reaction?
  4. What happens if you change the size of the comb?
    You can record your findings as a labelled diagram/photo or a written paragraph. Don’t forget to share!

Experiment shared from https://sciencebob.com/bend-water-with-static-electricity/

5. P4C Task

Can you ever exercise too much?

You can record your responses and share with adult permission, write your response in the comments or however you choose.

Don’t forget to exercise DAILY!

You can exercise with Joe Wicks, who will be producing daily workout videos during this period.

41 thoughts on “Week 1: Y6 Blog Activities

    1. adankwa Post author

      You can use anything plastic, like a ruler or a spoon. What is happening?

        1. adankwa Post author

          Try reducing the speed of the water or generating more static electricity by rubbing the plastic against a cloth.

  1. Parmita

    I think there is a vicious group and Alex has to face them before moving on to the actual mission. That group is trying to convince Alex to join them.

  2. Affan

    i think that the group does illegal offences and are often reported to the police. Alex is aware about that so he is reluctant to join. I predict that the group is going to threaten him or else they will take him captive. The group are very powerful despite their criminal background. Alex will pretend that he works for them then desert them and call the police to investigate. The criminals are completely ignorant about it so they don’t have a clue when they are caught.

    1. dhodges

      Affan! This sounds like a story I’d like to read! If you have any spare time, you could start writing your own adventure chapter book!

      Mr Hodges

      1. Ruben

        Dear Mr Hodges
        I have written a description of my lego minifigures. I could send it to you on this website or I could ask my mum to e-mail you it. It is a quandary and I do not know what to do.

        1. adankwa Post author

          Hi Ruben,
          Send your description via email. This way, we can include it to our Year 6 work post we will be publishing.
          Ms Dankwa

    1. adankwa Post author

      If you have a balloon, you can use that! it does work. You will see the water move!

  3. shaek

    I disagree with Charlie’s point because if you do exercise non-stop then your brain will slow down and you will be fatigued, therefore, your brain will force you to stop and you will fall asleep.

  4. Danyal

    Hi Danyal has been working on his CGP books all week. Thanks for the call this morning, will make sure he is doing Mathletics .

  5. Arisha

    If u exercise a lot it would depend on how you are doing it
    And obviously You would need to take breaks but still keep in
    Mind of how important it is to do it daily

  6. Arisha

    It did not work with the comb but IT worked a bit with
    The ballon I only noticed a little bit of the water move.

  7. aksi

    If your exercise too much than your heart will be beating a lot so it would be difficult to breathe so it would better if you do it regularly but not all the time.

  8. Arisha

    Mr Hodges my Mathletics is too hard for me and
    I keep getting the questions wrong what can I do
    to help me.

    1. dhodges

      Hi Arisha,
      I’ve assigned you some different maths tasks – let me know how you get on with them.

      Mr Hodges

  9. Nuha

    nothing happened on the experiment. it only ended up with a wet comb!😃😃😃😄

    1. adankwa Post author

      Place the comb beside the running tap, not into it! Try a plastic object with a wide surface area. It will make it easier to see the effects. (Balloons, ruler etc.)

  10. tahmeed

    I predict that in the story Alex gets forcibly rescued by an agency that works for a crime group and what Alex on their team but he plans to escape them on one of their vehicles and tells the police.

  11. tahmeed

    The meaning of forcibly recruit is that they threatened to hurt the person he cares about or they are black mailing him of his memories or identity.

  12. tahmeed

    mortal danger as in he will lose the people he cares for most will die or there is a device that can take his life

  13. tahmeed

    alex rider’s first mission is to find infomation about the storm breaker and come back alive

    1. adankwa Post author

      Hi Rayan, Sorry to hear that you are finding some tasks tricky. If you take a screenshot or picture of the task and email us, we can provide more help. You can always email us when you are stuck.
      Ms Dankwa

  14. shaek

    There are 8 girls
    1 girl has red hair
    5 play sports at the weekend
    3 girls speak at least 2 languages


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