Year 6 finished off a wonderful day of adventure with some time around the campfire.  They enjoyed s’mores and spending time with their classmates.  We’re trying not to get too jealous back at Thomas Buxton!

8 thoughts on “Campfire

  1. Shazmun

    Rizwan hope your taking part in the zip wire activity or the 3G swing. Well done loving the fact you enjoyed the camp fire.

  2. Mahdi(Turpin) - 3G swing Was The Best

    I did the 3g swing it was soooooooooo fun

    I loved this residential


  3. Anonymous

    I think that Sam and Robby were the BEST ,everyone was a pleasure to meet . Also the mango song is stuck in my head


    i remember doing 3G. OH MY GOD IT WAS AMAZING. Anonymous the mango song is also stuck in my head SOOOOOO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!

  5. Ikram (Cezanne)

    The 3g swing was by far the best activity there was a close second though (archery)

    The 3g swing gives a fright at first but calms down after a bit…


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